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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Eggamole - a FODMAP friendly spread

The boiled egg is the FODMAP intolerant's friend but it is one of the most boring foods ever.

In my ceaseless search for protein rich and tasty sandwich fillings, I invented this. This spread saw me through many a dark day in the search for a treatment that worked.

Like the Tonnato spread, it goes on sandwiches and dry biscuits, or as an addition to a salad.

Avocadoes are are high in Polyols (the P in FODMAP), but in the serving quantity for this recipe, should be tolerable to most on a low FODMAP diet.


makes 4 servings


  • 4 boiled eggs
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1-2 teaspoons seeded mustard, or to taste (our favourite is a chilli mustard but go with your preferred flavour profile)
  • splash of lemon juice (to stop discolouration)


  • Bung in a blender or mash together with a fork.  I prefer it a bit of texture so usually fork it.

This will last in the fridge for up to a week but it discolours so is best made in small batches.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Seven Things Week 40

Back on track with a renewed vigour and I finally hit the 5000 mark.

IN (13)
2pieces of fabricop shop

1topop shop

1pair shoesop shop

1sofaBuy Nothing Community

2pieces of fabricretailwhen a colleague offers to take you shopping at lunchtime on an interstate trip it would be impolite not to purchase something
6notebooksretailhalf price sale at a news agency, replenishing the stash.  I haven’t bought notebooks in over a year and had used a number.

OUT (175)
12napkinsBuy Nothing CommunityI thought I had already decluttered our manchester, but it appears I could have another go
4towelsBuy Nothing Community

6pairs hand knitted socksgiftThese were made for Mum and don’t fit me.  I found them a good home 8 years after Mum's death

13pairs shoesZonta/opshop/buy nothing

138balls woolGuild trading tableBravely revisiting stash and culling
1pair undiesbin


NETT OUT SINCE 28 AUGUST 2018   5011

Seven Things Weeks 34-39

Life, don't talk to me about life. 

I got off track for a while dealing with work and home and stuff. There was just no headspace.  Which reinforces my view that this is a game for the middle classes.  So much stuff accumulated and the time to assess it.  And while I am decluttering and I tag things "minimalism", I have a real issue with the whole minimalist movement as it is popularly portrayed. This is really about overconsumption and when I hear minimalist say things like - "if in doubt, get rid of it, you can always buy another one", or   "if in doubt and you can buy it again for under $40 then get rid of it", I get very angry. Please steward what you have better rather than throwing things away or making it someone else's problem.

IN (22)

1lunchboxBuy Nothing Community

1pair shoesop shopWhen the exact same pair of casual shoes that you’ve been living in for nearly 2 years is in the op shop in brand new condition and they are also half price
1bookop shop

1pair slippersop shopbrand new and destined for the hospital bag.  My last trip to hospital showed me the deficiencies of my nightwear.
1nightieop shopbrand new and destined for the hospital bag.  My last trip to hospital showed me the deficiencies of my nightwear.
1winter weight dressing gownop shopbrand new and destined for the hospital bag.  My last trip to hospital showed me the deficiencies of my nightwear.

3skeins yarnretail


1length fabricretail

1needle caseretail

1topop shop

1jumperop shop

5booksop shop

1summer weight dressing gownop shopbrand new and destined for the hospital bag.  My last trip to hospital showed me the deficiencies of my nightwear.

1pair shoes


OUT (92)
28/4/191book sleevegift
28/4/194file holdersgift


5/5/191jacketop shop
5/5/192scarvesop shop
5/5/1916home brew bottlesThe Green Shed
5/5/1930bottle capsThe Green Shed
5/5/191pair jeansop shop
5/5/191hoodieop shop
5/5/191spectacles caseop shop


12/5/191pair undiesbin


NETT OUT SINCE 28 August 2018     4849

Monday, April 22, 2019

Seven Things Week 33



1set earphonesfor swimming

2pairs of shoes


3balls of yarngift
1pair sunglasesBuy Nothing Community
1pair of shoesbin

NETT OUT           3

TOTAL OUT SINCE 28 August 2018     4779

Monday, April 15, 2019

Seven Things Week 32


1mattressretailhoping this will help with sleep - it certainly won’t be hard to get out of, the thing is really high
1pair bootsBuy Nothing CommunityLeopard print Docs, for free - come on, I’m only human!
2brasretailimpulse purchase at the Target sales bin but $5 each so there you go
1pair thongsretailfor the swimming pool change room
21balls of yarndestash

2pairs spectaclesretail

2basketsThe Green Shed

4pieces of fabricPaper and the Works

1Nerf gunThe Green Shedhe wanted it, I can’t deny him everything


4pairs trousersop shop

1vestop shop

2pillowsBuy Nothing Community

1pair of jeansop shop

30white boardsBuy Nothing Community

13reusable makeup removing padsBuy Nothing Community

2cardigansop shop

22balls of yarngift

1blouseop shop

2mattress protectorsBuy Nothing Community

1doonaBuy Nothing Community

3cross stitch kitsPaper and the Works



TOTAL OUT SINCE 28 August 2018 4776