Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bulky Rib Beanies

Stash contains a large quantity of bulky wool purchased at an op-shop last year. The time has come to make inroads into it. It is Chinook "carded pure virgin Australian hand knitting wool" created here in Australia by Hycraft Spinners in Sydney and distrubed for Craftsmen Distributers Inc of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

It comes in 8oz (227g) balls that look quite like woolly cow pats. The wool is six thin singles wound into the ball. They are not plied in any sense.

Originally it was going to be felted projects, but I'm not happy with the results of any of the 9 test squares I did, so plain old knitting it is.
As I develop patterns for this yarn, I will post them here. The patterns are for my own reference, but if you have a bulky yarn that knits to a guage of about 9 stitches to 10cm on 10mm needles you are welcome to use them.

Yarn: 90g, Chinook
Needles: 10mm (15 US, 000 Imperial)
Notions: darning needle for the sewing up
Tension: 9st to 10cm (4") over stocking stitch
To fit: adult

Using 10mm needles, loosely cast on 44 stitches.

Work double rib (k2, p2) for 20 rows.

Next row: k2 tog, p2 tog across work
Next row: p2 together across work
Next row: k2 together across work

Run yarn through remaining stitches and draw up.

Fold right sides together. Using matress stitch, sew seam.
Time Investment: About 1.5 hours


Olivia said...

Hi Taph, are you knitting these flat because you don't have appropriate dpns/circs? I have a set of 10mm bamboo dpns I'm not likely to use (much? at all?) happy to lend them to you if you want.

Jejune said...

It really is the weirdest looking yarn I've ever seen... almost like a tape, but then it's all soft and woolly!

Your Double Rib Beanies are turning out really well :)

Georgie said...

great pattern taph, looks especially good in the plain colour.

p.s. I really wanted to comment on your scarf, but I'm speechelss. Utterly.

Purpleviolin91 said...

I did this pattern and it turned out great! Love it! Thanks for posting!

mykyta41 said...

Do you have much Chinook left? I believe its not made anymore. I bought mine I think in Homebush more than 20 years ago and just getting around to making it up.