Monday, July 02, 2007

Time Thief Watch Cap Jr.

The arrival, imminent and actual, of the children and grandchildren of friends and colleagues has prompted several requests for a baby version of the Time Thief Watch Cap in the popular slip stitch pattern.

Yarn: 8 ply (dk) yarn. You'll need about 40g of the main colour (mc) and about 20g of the contrast colour (cc).

Needles: 1 x 40cm 3.75mm circular needle; 1 set 3.75mm dpns. The whole hat can be knitted on dpns if you prefer.

Notions: 1 darning needle for the endy bits, 1 stitch marker of choice.

Tension: 22.5 stitches and 30 rows over stocking stitch (or thereabouts)

Time investment: About 3 hours.

Sizing: To fit 0-3 mos (3-6 mos, 6-12 mos)


Using mc, cast on 72 (80, 88) stitches.
Place marker and join in the round.
K2, p2 rib for 10 rounds.
Knit 1 round (for turn up ridge)
K2, p2 for 3 rounds

Knit 9 rounds

Colour work pattern:
Round 1: Using cc, k1, slip 1
Round 2: Using cc, knit
Round 3: as row 2
Round 4: Using mc, slip 1, knit 1
Repeat rows 2-4, 4 (5, 6) times
Next round: Using mc, slip 1, knit 1
Continue in mc only, knit 2 rounds

Decreases: (change to dpns when necessary)
Round 1: *K6, k2 tog, repeat from *
Round 2 and every even round: knit
Round 3: *K5, k2 tog, repeat from *
Round 5: *K4, k2 tog repeat from *
Round 7: *K3, k2 tog, repeat from *
Round 9: *k2, k2 tog, repeat from *
Round 11: *k1, k2 tog, repeat from *
Round 13: k2 tog across round

Cut yarn leaving a tail of about 10cm (4"). Thread tail onto darning needle and run through all remaining stitches. Remove dpns and draw tail tightly. Pass the threaded needle through the cat's bum at the top and weave in. Weave in all ends. Turn up the brim at the turning ridge and bung on nearest baby's noggin.

Things you might like to know about how I knit this pattern.

  • It's called the Time Thief Watch Cap because, quite literally, I knit it in stolen time - walking to work, standing in queues, during staff meetings, at red traffic lights (shhh) etc... It takes about 30 mins for the cast on and final decreases time, the rest is bonus knitting time.
  • The fabric is meant to be reasonably tight to increase the moisture repelling properties and warmth of the hat.
  • I used a cable cast on, you can use whatever method you prefer.
  • I hate joining in the round so I knit the first round as a row and join at the beginning of the second round. The small gap is sewn together at the end with the tail from the cast on.
  • When slip stitching, some people slip purlwise and then knit as normal in the next round. I slip knitwise and in the next round knit the slipped stitch through the back of the loop. This stops the stitch twisting.


Kate said...

Woohoo! I know which baby hat pattern I'll be using for the left over autumn leaves yarn! I'll adapt for newborns, of course! I was going to do a straight beanie and risk running out of yarn - this will be much more fun : )

Dusty said...

I love the Time Thief Watch Cap Jr.
I have not done slip stitch before.

When I am doing the color changes do I have to bring my yarn forward or in back. I have read about other patterns and something was said about the yarn in back of the color you are not using and yarn in front of the color you are using.
Could you clarify for me the position of the yarns as I would slip stitch.

Thanks, Dusty