Sunday, December 09, 2018

Seven Things Week 15

Again I wondered if I would manage anything this week - we had a function on every evening except Friday (by which time I was pretty fried) and both days of the weekend.

And it is gift giving and receiving season.  In the coming week we celebrate my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Christmas for one side of the family.  


1ball of yarngift

1project baggift

1small produce baggift


3dressesop shop

6topsop shop

1skeins of yarngift


1tape measuregift



2candlesop shop

1packet of fairy garden decorationsBuy Nothing Community

2casserole dishesBuy Nothing Community

4hand fansBuy Nothing Community

1shirtop shop

2pillow casesop shop

10gift boxesBuy Nothing Community

4fansBuy Nothing Community



Total out since 27 August 2018 4301

Seven Things Week 14

I forgot to publish week 14 - oops.  That is a pretty good indication of what it's like at the moment.  The Silly Season with lots of obligations on top of some ridiculous deadlines.

It's more surprising that I managed to clear anything out, really - and that will be the case until at least Christmas.
1shirtBuy Nothing Community

1bookfree with ticket purchase

1bread makerBuy Nothing Community

1portable fridgegifts - Christmas came early

1portable fridge standgifts - Christmas came early



26Fowlers Jarsbarteredeggs, olives, passata, garlic.
1Fowlers unitsold

1pair tongssold

7sets of metal drawersBuy Nothing Community




total out since 27 August 2018 = 4262

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Seven Things Week 13

Slow down is the new normal.  This week I resorted to one of the easy wins identified at the beginning, the picture frames we rescued when Richard's parents moved into retirement living earlier in the year.  I wasn't saving them for a slow week, as such, but the ramped up socialising and end-of-year work frenzy meant I didn't really have much time for other areas.

I did do some hard thinking over some clothes in my wardrobe.  I'm delighted to report there is breathing space in the hanging part of my wardrobe now - everything is not jammed in as it was.


1rainwater tankswap
really it was a gift but we'll call it a swap because we brought it home after delivering pavers to a friend
4weightsThe Green Shed
these are actual weights that go on a weightlifting bar, but they are the smallest - they will become my patten weights.  I've wanted pattern weights for a long time, and was to pick these up for 50c each second hand.  I need to brush the surface rust off and give them a coat of clear varnish before I can use them.


1glassbinthe ceramic floor claimed another victim
2jacketsop shop
I did a try and evaluate session in part of my wardrobe and several items did not make the cut.  These were very difficult decisions.
2dressesop shop
They no longer fit my needs
2pairs of trousersop shop
Just didn't fit right
2cardiesop shop
I wore them but I was never happy with them
1bookgifttis the season for Secret Santa gifts
really they were gifts but as we were given a rainwater tank from the paver recipient the day we delivered the pavers, we can call it a swap
43picture framesThe Green Shed
Rescued from Richard's parents when they moved earlier this year.
2sets of metal drawersBuy Nothing Community
I brought these home a few weeks ago, we kept what we could use and now I'm sharing the joy
1wooden dollbin
she was our car mascot, having from the rear vision mirror.  Her ribbon rotted and broke.  She is so faded, it was time to release her.


TOTAL OUT SINCE total out since 27 August 2018 = 4233

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Seven Things Week 12

Wow!  3 months of being accountable, and there were many more months of decluttering before this.

I really struggled this week.  I'm in pain and I'm tired and the easy stuff has all been done.  In some areas I am now on the second or third pass.

Initially, in every area of the house, there are things it is easy to get rid of. With some areas I would race through the easy stuff then shy from the hard decisions when the easy wins were had.  My heart would cry nooooooooo!  In some cases I ploughed on but it often resulted in a resistance to declutter anything at all, anywhere.  The oppositional child reaction.  So in order to maintain momentum, when I hit a really tough emotional response, I move onto to an area where the emotion isn't as deep.  It is an exercise like any other, as I practice I get stronger and everything gets easier.   The later passes have been much easier.  This works for me, it is certainly not the advice in the decluttering literature.

Also, honouring the impulse to create last weekend, even though the things I sewed were small, helped a lot.  I gathered all of the fabrics of the type needed.  I used the ones that appealed to me the most.  This week, looking at the ones I shied from I figured I'd already made the decision and offered them to friends first and op shopped the rest.  I guess it's Marie Kondo's "spark joy" concept, but I needed to demonstrate it.  Just holding the stuff isn't enough.  My thought process are "Every piece of fabric is useful, right?" and "I can totally make something out of that!" These things are true but when given the opportunity I chose not to use certain fabrics.


2stencilsEbayordered in a moment of Bullet Journal envy
1paintingop shopForgot to list this from a couple of weeks ago.  

1washing basketThe Green ShedForgot to list this from a couple of weeks ago.  


27Fowlers Jarsbarteredhoney and veg - great deal
1t-shirtop shopstained and ill-fitting
3dog harnessesop shopnone of the neighbours wanted these recent eBay mistakes so off to the op shop.
4Tupperware cupsop shopand as I had to take the dog harnesses to the op shop, I decided that everything else could go there as well and I didn’t have to bother listing for Buy Nothing.
2Tupperware mugsop shop

4draw string bagsop shopProjects bags for knitting that I don’t like or don’t use
6topsop shopI will end up with a capsule wardrobe in the end, I suspect
4dressesop shop

8pieces of fabricop shop

3key ringsop shop

13doiliesop shop

1pair of pantsop shop

47dvdsbindownloaded, dodgy burned discs.  We have been through our DVDs at least twice in the last 2 years and yet I still find more.
1pair of socksbinhandknits with an irreparable hole
1phone charging cablebinthe cheap ones die so readily
1quick-unpickbinBlunt and had lost the little ball from the end.
2vintage linen teatowelsgift


5pieces of fabricgift


total out since 27 August 2018 = 4072