Monday, October 15, 2018

Seven Things Week 7

In the minimalism literature there is quite a bit of discussion about maintaining the fantasy self.  Sometimes that is the aspirational person you are working towards becoming and sometimes its buying into the lifestyle approach to consumerism.

My fantasy self seems to be a size or two smaller than me, and a bit shorter, so all of her ill-fitting tops went to the op shop this week.  I'm quite done with buying this woman clothes and then storing them for her!

Fantasy self also weaves yarn into fabric on toy looms, or perhaps she teaches children to do so.  Some say fantasy, some say delusion - whatever.  4 toy looms went off to the Knitting Guild trading table.  Members donate materials and tools they no longer need and we sell them off at bargain prices to other members.  The takings go towards the running of the Guild.  It's a great way to destash to a target audience rather than overwhelming the op shops, many of which think that knitting is only a winter hobby.

My wrist is still sore from the sprain two weeks ago, so I've not knitted, or sewn in that time.  Decluttering has become a displacement activity in more ways than one!

1glass jargift

2pairs trousersretail

1hand knitted lace cowlgiftI received this from a friend last week but forgot to list it


4toy loomsKnitters Guild trading table
2polo shirtsop shopunwanted gifts
3brasop shopnew but don’t fit well
1pr Spanxop shopjust don’t
2pairs pyjama pantsop shopi really don’t like 3/4 length pj pants - I don’t see the point of them
23topsop shopI really went to town on the ill fitting, graphic or just daggy t-shirts
3pairs of pantyhoseBuy Nothing Community
more cosy tomato stakes out there
1glass jarsBuy Nothing Community

1pillowcaseop shop

11pairs undiesbin9 pairs were TOFs that he was saving as sacrificial undies on our next overseas trip.  As we are not even close to thinking about such a holiday, they were binned.
5pairs undiesop shopnew and unopened - more of the wrong size ASOS order.  Lesson learned
2jacketop shop

3skirtsZonta pre-loved fashion sale

3jacketsZonta pre-loved fashion sale

1shirtsZonta pre-loved fashion sale

1pair trousersZonta pre-loved fashion sale

1dressZonta pre-loved fashion sale

1reusable shopping bag op shop

2place matsop shopthese were souvenir gifts more than 15 years ago which I have never used.  I still remember the friends who gave them to me with much affection, I don’t need these things for that.
6cloth napkinsop shop

7packets of snap fastenersgiftA big stash is great to help out sewing friends

1soft toygift

1length of fabricgift

2quilt coversBuy Nothing Community

2pillow casesBuy Nothing Community

2valancesop shop

3sheetsBuy Nothing Community


1mattress protectorBuy Nothing Community

6pewter drinking vesselsop shop

1packet patty pan casesBuy Nothing Community

3baby outfitsgift

12linen napkinsBuy Nothing Community

5lengths fabricPaper and the Works

1beltop shop

1scarfop shop

12cross stitch patternsPaper and the Works

260balls of yarnKnitters Guild trading table
210suffolk puff flowersBuy Nothing Community

3sheetsop shop

4pillowcasesop shop

2wrapsop shop

1dog toyBuy Nothing Community

1thermal topop shop

5baby blankets and swaddlesBuy Nothing Community

1box toothpicksop shop

2baby booksBuy Nothing Community

2reusbable shopping bagsBuy Nothing Community



total out since 27 August 2018     =   2414 

Monday, October 08, 2018

Seven Things Week 6

This week I expected to have some kind of decluttering hangover, but so far so good.  Certainly I slowed down, but we've had a few things on after work and I was busy with other activities all this weekend.

What I have noticed, though, is that I am noticing more.  As I walk past a shelf in the garage, for example, I notice that someone's left a paper bag, a receipt and some other detritus, and that's it's been there for a while.  And I deal with it.

I have also been critically evaluating our pantries and have disposed of dangerously out of date items, and rehomed items we no longer use, such as flavoured teas and tinned goods that came in hampers.

It's like you just get your eye in and as layers of stuff leave the house, the breathing space created offers up more possibilities.

2plant potsBuy Nothing Community

1digital radioBuy Nothing Community

1wall hangingBuy Nothing Community

1manequin headBuy Nothing Community

3gotoobsBuy Nothing Community

1wrist supportretailsee previous week’s injury
1phone charging cableretailreplacing a dead one
1magazinesubscriptionwon’t be renewing.  Indie Road magazine is just not that good.
1kiltretailTOF loves his kilts and wears them often.  We bought this brand new Scottish made kilt at this week’s Canberra Gathering at about a fifth the price of having one made for him (which we were preparing to do this weekend).  I will now have to make or commission a formal jacket and a work jacket to go with it.
2pairs kilt hoseretailone to match this new kilt and one to match his everyday kilt
1tankini topop shopnow I just need to find a couple of bottoms and I will have enough sets of swimmers to get me through the week as I swim on average every second day.
1cushionThe Green ShedI have a plan for how my sewing room will look when I’ve cleaned it out.  This second hand cushion from the free bins at The Green Shed is exactly the right colour and will save me buying new or making with new fabric and included the insert
1dog coatThe Green Shednew from the free bins at The Green Shed. Dora loves her jackets
5notebooksBuy Nothing Community

1set earbudsBuy Nothing Community


6Christmas baublesop shop

7handbags and purses donation to Zonta pre-loved ashion sale

25balls of yarngift

1Tupperware jugBuy Nothing Community


10plant potsBuy Nothing Community

18bags of beads and jewellery findingsBuy Nothing Community

1gift bagBuy Nothing Community

1biscuit tinop shop

2video casesrecycling

2bags of ribbonop shop

2reels of ribbonop shop

193singleton knitting needlesBuy Nothing Communitygoing to a group of urban homesteaders for a variety of uses
1decorative wine boxop shop

1casserole coverop shop

1tankini topop shopdoesn’t fit as well as the one I bought last week
1phone charging cablebindead
2pairs of pantyhoseBuy Nothing Communitythey will be tying up tomatoes in no time
3decorative bottle stoppersBuy Nothing Communitybecause when wine is opened, wine is finished
7serving forks and spoonsopshopwe have some lovely serving spoons in our wedding silverware, cheap acrylic begone!
3kilt pinsBuy Nothing Communitycheap stuff that won’t be going on TOF’s kilts
1spurtleBuy Nothing CommunityIt’s a traditional porridge stirring stick.  I don’t need 2.
3plate holdersrecyclingrusty and dangerous
1box toothpicksop shop

1length of fabricop shop

1topdonation to Zonta pre-loved ashion sale

6paper platesop shop

6fulled jumpers and cardiesPaper and the Works

2shirtsop shop


8lengths of fabricPaper and the Works



total out since 27 August 2018     =   1779