Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seven Things Week 74

Yes, I do have a problem with yarn. I accept that. I now just have to keep away from temptation.

I also have a problem with Tupperware and a SO who gives me secondhand and broken Tupperware (which is usally replaceable free of charge) the same way other girls get given bunches of flowers. I prefer the Tupperware.

There is a Tuppeware Collection Development Policy (sort of). I usually don't buy round storage containers because they take up too much room. I try not to buy the novelty stuff, although I adore the chicken keeper the Old Flame bought me at Christmas.

On the up side, more crafting this week. I made things instead of prowling the house for things to get rid of and it felt REALLY good. As they are all potential outs, it's a bonus activity.

I suspect, however, that seven things will end for me soon.

IN (17)
1 shirt $2 Vinnies
2 pieces Tupperware - Gift
14 lots yarn - Cassidy's sale

OUT (12)
2 prs jeans
1 dress
9 videos

SIAA (4)
3 cowls
1 scarf

IN 17
OUT 12

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seven Things Week 73

IN (20)
2 tops OP SHOPS total $8
5 pieces Tupperware OP SHOPS/AUSSIE JUNK $8
1 cd OP SHOP
9 lots of wool GIFTS & BOODLE BY PROXY
2 knitting mags OP SHOP
1 knitting book GIFT

OUT (94)
79 books - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 nebuliser - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 face maskS - BIN
2 maps - RECYCLING
2 framed prints - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 timber picture frame - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 computer monitor - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 internet camera - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 kichen scale - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 peak flow meter - BIN
1 knitting book - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 tv router thing - GIFTS & DONATIONS

SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT - bugger all

IN 20
OUT 94

Friday, January 23, 2009

De ja vu

Remember the lovely Rosie?

Rosie tore her cruchet ligament because she forgets that she is almost 9 and insists on haring around with the younger dogs. She had an operation on Wednesday to fix it. She came home last night and is doing fine but missing her pack - Peggy and Lochie won't see her for a couple of days, just to give her some unassisted healing time.

Luckily Dr Jim (now on a Taph-funded holiday), doesn't charge as much as Dr. Bill. for the same operation.

Prepare for a pattern destash early next week or sometime before the credit card bill comes in.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seven Things Week 72

Hmm, this whole tidy thing is seriously cutting into crafting time. And I'm still waiting to see a tidy house!

IN (13)
2 tops - gift
2 skirts - gift
1 Tupperware container - Aussie Junk $0
1 small glass vase - Aussie Junk $0
3 cds - Vinnies $1 each and perfect for annoying teenagers in the car (Welsh Male Voice Choirs and Brass Bands anyone?)
1 cosmetics bag (I've lost one but can't count it out just yet)
1 pr Croqs - gift
2 sets knitting needles (Knitpicks interchangeables in the nickel tipped and the harmonies - bliss) - Ravelry destash purchase.

OUT (12)
1 cricket bail. Have no idea of its significance but it's been kicking around for years and came down with my from Sydney - BIN
6 prs shoe stretcher things - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 prs shoes - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr jeans - GIFTS & DONATIONS

SIAA (1)
1 Fabric 'phone sock and again with the mending.

In 13
Out 12
Nett Out -1


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carnival is Over

So it's back to work and it's been full-tilt since 2 Jan. This is going to be a challenging year work-wise.

It doesn't meant there's been no relaxation. Saturday before last we spent the evening enjoying a barbecue by Lake Burley Griffin, quaffing a bottle of bubbly and relaxing. There may have been knitting. Doesn't get a whole lot better.
There was a special family celebration last Saturday (alas, no knitting) and I anticipate some knitting at another special celebration this Saturday.

Happy New Year to you all - hope your 2009 is an adventure.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seven Things Week 71

IN (15)
3 pieces of Tupperware - SECOND HAND
12 balls Patons Jet - CASSIDY'S SALE

OUT (39)
5 curtain rods - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 curtain rod battens - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 curtain rod finials - GIFTS & DONATIONS
12 screws - GIFTS & DONATIONS
6 buttons - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pattern book - RAVELRY DESTASH
3 balls yarn - RAVELRY SOS
4 plastic containers - RECYCLING

But lots of mending.

IN 15
OUT 39


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Seven Things Week 70

Wasn't at home to do any disposal this week so I'm calling it another amnesty and starting again from now - the first full week of the New Year.

I was considering taking a break but the Old Flame is joining in 7-things for a while, so I guess I'll keep him company.

Resolutions etc. - to keep up 7-things, at least in spirit, and to create a new habit - tidiness. This year's mantra is

"Put it way, not down"