Saturday, October 27, 2012


One of the underpinning truths of my life is that there knitting is suited to every mood and circumstance.

Late this week I needed knitting that was without deadline, entirely unrelated to any thing or event, or anyone else, that was achievable, sensually immersive, and that was uplifting.

From deep in the boodle came a skein of 100% angora yarn, hand-dyed and given to me by the Happy Spider.  The colourway, Ophelia, is randomly variegated in greens, ranging from soft leaf, through lime, sea green to a deep teal which giave me a thrill of pleasure each time it appeared.  The yarn is two singles held together but not really plied and it is blooming as I knit.

The pattern was already in my queue, Elinor Brown's Ridged Lace Cowl.  I was a bit low on yardage for the pattern (155m instead of 183m+) but as I have a short neck to start and several added chins a smallerer version is fine and this yarn just demanded to be worn on the neck. As it turns out, it will only be one pattern repeat shorter than the pattern. More details on Ravelry.

There are a couple of bonuses in this knit.  It proved to be an easily memorised pattern and totally portable, so it enjoyed a sit and knit by Lake Burley Griffin between commitments one night and it ticks a pattern off the queue.  Don't underestimate the deep satisfaction that gives this compulsive list maker!

It was cast off over breakfast on Saturday and was just the tonic needed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Table turning

ABC Canberra came to film at work this week.  They were a delight.

This is Toby the cameraman

and Kathleen the journalist.

My bit in the story was very, very small.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

None of these things are not like the others

The only visible difference between these models is that one of them is blonde.

Who does Levi's think it is kidding? Perhaps it thinks its customers are stupid. Advertising fail.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The little things make all the difference

We were travelling recently and I discovered that my car is the perfect knitter's vehicle.

Socks for TOF in Lang Jawoll cotton wool blend with vintage Patonyle for cuffs, heels and toes (yardage on the Jawoll is a bit skimpy).