Sunday, October 16, 2011

12 in 11 September Update

Baby done a bad, bad thing.

Blew out the challenge in September while we were in NZ.

No defence, no excuses, just did.

Quota Used 15/12

Op shopping in a new country is fun.  Some of the brands were familiar but not all of the specialist sizings that I look for. It was a bit of a test of my ability to assess quality and cut based on the garment rather than the label. 

This challenge has led me to assess what it is I need in clothing and my preferences for colour and shape.  If I couldn't just have it, I had to assess each item.  It's a good skill to acquire and hone. 

So, what did I get that was worth blowing the challenge for?
  • 1 pr Blundstone steel cap boots, new in box from Salvos $10 (we have some major landscaping and gardening ahead of us and these are perfect to protect my tootsies from falling pavers etc.)
  • 1 pr strappy sandally heels to wear to this accursed ball $6 from Salvos. 
  • 2 jumpers; one is a tunic style that has seen some wear already and another in a henley style which has replaced my baggy saggy, pre-weightloss winter favourite (already gone to the op shop).  Both are in green shades, one a light gumleaf olive, the other a bright kiwi green.  Both are medium guage.  $23 the pair from Save Mart.
  • 1 moleskin shirt for football and outdoor wear next autumn/winter replacing the way too large pincord shirt I have been wearing for years. $6 Salvos.
  • 1 jacket for work.  I am expected to travel more for work in the next couple of years, so I picked up a dressier jacket in non-crushable knit.  $20 Vinnies.  Yes, a lot more than I usually pay but this is an excellent brand and fit and slips in the my mix and match wardrobe really well.  Retail it would be about $200, so I'm pleased.

Knickers bought just before we left for NZ.  These replace the daggies worn and abandoned in NZ. 

Bra, new with tags from Save Mart in Invercargill.  $15.

Hosiery - found 5 pairs of new in packets stockings and tights in op shops including electric blue stockings for an average $1.50 a pair.  Given one pair of pantihose retail is $12, I'm a happy hosiery freak.

We left most of our travelling clothes and shoes in NZ, returning only with our "new" purchases and a change of shirt and undies.  Fate handed us a woman of size at the caravan park the evening before our departure.  She was in town to watch her brother play for the Fiji Rugby Team.  She gladly took our clothes for her family and we were delighted they went to a welcoming home.

Since we've been back wardrobe culling continues with several bags full off to op shops as new items were washed and put away and the winter wardrobe turned over to spring and summer.

Friday, October 07, 2011


What 7am looked like yesterday.

Working on a commission to be delivered on Sunday.  A soon to be born grandchild is in need of a bonnet and better-than-boottees socks. 

The socks will take 6 hours to complete so I'm working on the bonnet first.  The design and yarn was left to my discretion, as long as it was white.  The vintage Patonyle (60% wool, 40% nylon in 25g balls) has been in stash for some time.  It was purchased second-hand and I have 3 balls. The bonnet is going to take just over one ball and I'll get the socks out of the remainder of that ball.  A lovely set for 50g of yarn.

The pattern is vintage Patons and written for for 3ply, but using smaller needles in a ribbed/lacy ribbed garment means sizing won't be an issue.  This will fit from about 3mos on. As we don't know the gender of the baby, I'm figuring lemon ribbons for the ties.  All materials are from stash.