Friday, July 01, 2011

12 in 11 May and June Updates

Shitty couple of months and I did not resort to retail or op-shop therapy.


I bought a pair of fake pony skin leopart print pumps late in May.  Brand new Kumfs for $20 at Vinnies.
I followed up with a dress in June to wear to my mother's funeral.  Half price but retail.

Quota used 8/12.


2 prs pantyhose 30% off at DJs.
2 bras on 30% off at Target.  Still looking for another couple and badly need undies.
12 summer t-shirts.  New t-shirts cleared from Mum's cupboard.
5 pairs hand-knitted socks.  Socks I knitted for Mum which I have now reclaimed.
Jacket for gardening in, gift from TOF.
Cotton cardie/cover up thing for work, gift from TOF.