Monday, October 30, 2006

Taph's Tools - ball holder

Mum is home from hospital. She's not fully well but she's much improved. A needle biopsy will have to be done sometime soon as they accidentally found a mass in her stomach which now must be investigated.

Did not get to the alpaca show, dammit, but several woollen jumpers have been reclaimed, skeined, washed and await the application of the swift/ball winder combo to make them useable. We have pink Bluebell, chocolate Bluebell, green Herdwick and some red mystery 12 ply.

Wash cloth count 24
Beanie count 6
Mystery gift item 1/2 (I know I wasn't casting anything else on, but it's a present!)
Job 1 (for now)

Thought I'd begin a series of posts on my favourite knitting tools. Let's not get into the best needle debate - it's far too divisive (I'm not that fussed on my new Addi Turbos - 'nuff said).

Here's two favourite tools. Not originally designed for knitting use, they adapt perfectly well. Thank you, Mr Tupper.

On the bottom is my Tupperware digital scale. I LOOOOOVE this scale. It measures accurately, has a wide flat plate, takes up very little room, does grams and ounces and came with it's own batteries.

On top is the 1.5 litre Tupperware Rock 'n Serve. It's perfect to hold that ball of wool you don't want rolling around the place collecting dust and attracting pets. The vented seal is big enough to accommodate quite thick wool. Here the hand wound ball of mystery 12 ply is about to become a centre pull ball and below is a better picture of the container.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Score card

Thank you all for your warm wishes and support. I sincerely appreciate it.

The state of play is
  • Mum is still in hospital and may come out some time this week. She's definitely improving. Dad is also improving, emotionally. In a fit of displacement activity (he cannot sit by bedsides), he has built a large open topped box in my back yard. It's 1.2 metres high, 3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. It will eventually become my herb garden.
  • Wash cloth total - 20.
  • Beanie total - 5.
  • Days to go until announcements about major changes at work - 4.
  • Stress levels - beyond any scale you can conceive.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Code Blue

Absolutely gutted to have missed SnB today, ladies. You know that only the most dire of emergencies would keep me away.

Mum has been in hospital since Thursday arvo. Pneumonia x 2 is back with a variety of other little complications that affect treatment. We thought we would lose her on Thursday night but she's pulled through and, although weak, is improving.

Much bedside knitting has been done in the last 3 days. The wash cloth count is 17, and another couple of beanies have been added to the pile.

The beanies, in particular, arouse the interest of the nurses. Apparently none of them have seen knitting in the round before and there was an audience for the finishing off of one today so they could see it come off the needles and go straight on a noggin. Three of them tried it on and I didn't have a camera!

Posts will be intermittent, if at all, for the next little while.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The post with no name

Too tired to come up with a cute post title, sorry. Things are happening at work that make life pretty crap but I can't blog about it.

Mum had cataracts removed from one eye last week which left her pretty wonky on the health front because she had to come off all other meds to have it done. She's not back to speed yet, but she's looking better ;) .

ALL of the teams I supported on grand final weekend lost, including my beloved Newtown Jets (go the Bluebags) who lost by a golden point in extra time. So devastating.

The long weekend, however, was not a complete bust. The generous and talented The Shopping Sherpa made me the most gorgeous knitting bag. Check out the photos on her blog . It's absolutely fantastic! I'm calling it my ANZAC tote because it was made by a Kiwi for an Aussie and has a digger knitting socks on it. It's also made from NZ frugalled denim and AUS frugalled sheeting and rick rack. Did I mention I adore it? Well I do. It's also just the right size for small projects like socks (it came with it's very own sock kit and a book on spinning and gorgeous red needles). It is also just the right size for my current knitting obsession, wash cloths.

Yep, I know I've been a little scathing sceptical about the usefulness of knitted wash cloths but both Jejune and Gillian have convinced me to give it a go. Made one for Jejune for her birthday and haven't stopped since.

During the clear up of stash (and there has been more than one go at this in the last month), I found rather a lot of 8ply cotton lying around. So I'm stash busting washcloths for Christmas. 36 are needed - 11 for boys, 25 for girls. That's one for each volunteer, one for each member of staff and a couple for "oops I forgot" gifts. Current accumulation - 10 wash cloths. Current rate of production - about 2 every three days. I'm well on schedule, but if you see me and I'm not knitting cotton wash cloths, please mention it.

Busting is also happening in the reclaimed and 12 ply stash. Hats for the homeless are on the needles and I'm doing about 1 a week just in the daily little gifts of time that modern living provides - like walking to and from the car at work, walking around shops at lunch time, standing in Medicare queues and waiting for meetings to start.

Operation Wipeout in September saw some gains. I unravelled, washed and skeined 4 jumpers and there are pieces of several more waiting to be skeined. Skeining takes away from knitting time, though, so they may wait for a bit longer. The back of the Celebate Vest is finished and during the football grandfinals, about 2/3 of the front was done, too. Err, other stuff was done, but certainly not all of it. Beyond the Christmas knitting, though, no new projects have been started.

Cannot get any pictures to load, sorry. More later in the week.