Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Traditional Fathers' Day

I nearly burst a pfooffa valve the other night watching an advertisment.  Can't remember what it was advertising, but the gist was "don't give Dad socks for Fathers' Day".

I am happy to report that TOF doesn't think socks are a naff present for Fathers' Day.

He loves his handknits and knows how much love they represent and appreciate that the animals cared enough to commission me to make them.  He likes his new Wallabies jersey and the bottle of whiskey as well.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

12 in 11 August Update

Quota Used 10/12

I bought a frock for the ball in October.  More a maxi than a formal frock, but for $6 from the Salvos it's long and floaty and will do.  I need to take it in a bit, but will wait until we return from NZ.

Given the big freeze in NZ a couple of weeks ago, I bit the budgetary bullet and ordered a down jacket from Canada.  I can't get one to fit here, and I've tried.  Less than $200 including postage and I will be warm.

Exempt Items

The silk thermals I bought to wear in NZ come under the heading of underwear so they don't count.