Saturday, May 31, 2008

Seven Things Week 39

Thank you all for your support. You thoughts, prayers and messages are appreciated.

This will be the last seven things post for a while.

IN (11)
4 books - SALVOS
4 tops - VINNIES
2 magazines - SUBS

OUT (139)
3 knitting books - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 sewing patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 beanies - GIFTS & DONATIONS
22 sets wristwarmers - GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 prs bedsocks - GIFTS & DONATIONS
54 balls yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 balls yarn - BIN
3 plastic containers - RECYCLING
6 items costume jewellry - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pkt jewellry making findings - GIFTS & DONATIONS
30 felted jumpers etc. - GIFTS & DONATIONS

SIAA (5)
1 scarf
1 pr socks
2 vests
1 calorimetry

IN 11
OUT 139

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today we lost my difficult, darling, devoted Dad.
I have no words.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clearing the decks

The twin nieces turned 13 this year. I don't know when I started these vests but they are a size 8 and were in a bag from Maggie Beer 's Pheasant Farm visited in November 2003 so I'm guessing 5 or 6 years ago.

2 pink vests for the girls

Found in a recent shake up of some boxes that hadn't been opened since I moved into this house 3 years ago, all that needed doing was finishing and sewing on the button band of one of them and the arm bands and buttons on both. So that's what I did yesterday.

The pattern is one I've knitted several times for little people and is in Panda Kids Knits Volume 3 which I still see on pattern racks around the place. The yarn - whatever acrylic K-Mart or Target was selling 7 years ago. The buttons from stash.

One of the reasons these weren't finished (apart from sitting in a storage unit for 12 months when I returned to Canberra) was that two little girls in Sydney had already had the same vest knitted for them from the same yarn that year.

Also found in the shake up was an almost finished jumper knitted for myself which I was never really happy with. It hit the frog pond. Joining it was My Oldest WIP. I went to sew it up and finish the bands yesterday and found that the back was a size bigger than the front. After all I'd been through with the bloody thing, it should think itself lucky that it hit the frog pond and not the bin.

The bin is where the second Jelly Belly vest ended up when I discovered I didn't have enough yarn to finish it and there was no hope of reclaiming the two balls already used.

So two items finished, two items frogged and one item trashed and I'm feeling much happier about what's on the needles. The rest of the WIPs are quivering in a basket and wondering who will get the treatment next. Hopefully there will be another couple of FOs this week and I can begin to think about some new charity projects with all the beautiful yarn that came in last week. It's weighing on my conscience a bit.

Oh, and if anyone sees my two cones of black 3 ply and generic sock pattern, please spank their bottoms and send the home - I need them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Have op-shop, will travel

We screeched to a halt when I spotted this in a Jindabyne carpark on Friday. Sweet!

We did have a rummage and I bought a book - more as a token gesture than anything else, but they should be encouraged!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Top of the World

*sigh* Another lovely weekend over.

This one started early on Friday when the Old Flame and I headed to the mountains for a break before the ski season. The Jo Sharp scarf, last spotted at Parliament House, was finished in the car somewhere before Cooma.

Today we took it for a spin up to Charlotte Pass to see if Mt Kosciusko was ready for its closeup. It wasn't. Australia's highest point coyly kept the blankets over its head. The scarf happily filled in.

And down to Lake Jindabyne where it was so bright the scarf needed shades for the view over to East Jindabyne.

The other FO for the week were the Old Flame's birthday socks, beautifully modelled here by the recipient. Bit blurry but the colour's about right.

The pattern is Thuja knitted in vintage Patons Lambswool 80 (80% lambswool, 20% nylon). The yarn isn't as sproingy as I'd have liked and I wouldn't do a 1x1 rib again, but the seeded rib pattern is classy and the whole thing knitted up very quickly. The only change I made was to knit the rib on 3.75mm needles instead of 4mm and I reckon it would be better to knit the whole sock in 3.5mm as they are a bit loose in the top.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seven Things Week 38

Not a brilliant week numbers-wise and I had to work quite hard to lower the gap between ins and outs. No regrets, though - the yarn is gorgeous and will make lots of lovely things for charitable causes. Thank you to my benefactors this week. :)

IN (331)
1 set DPNS
1 spindle
2 skeins yarn
1 circ needle
1 scarf
3 pkts spinning fibre
1 book
21 knitting patterns (thanks Cath!)
300 balls of yarn (that's an educated estimate) - gift for the charity stash for which I am humbly grateful and completely blown away.

OUT (316)
1 wallet - GIFTS & DONATIONS
6 blankets - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 tea cosy - GIFTS & DONATIONS
95 balls yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 knitting book - GIFTS & DONATIONS
10 reels knitting wire - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pkt jump rings - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 hot water bottles - GIFTS & DONATIONS / BIN
13 silk ties (originally op-shopped for a craft project now going to someone who'll actually use them) - GIFTS & DONATIONS
65 knitting patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr runners - BIN
46 items of costume jewellry - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr socks - GIFTS & DONATIONS

1 moebius at the Jude Skeer's workshop
3 prs french knickers (just shut up in the cheap seats!)
1 pr socks

IN 331
OUT 316

Friday, May 23, 2008

Something for the weekend

So I'm off to the mountains this weekend - do you think I've packed enough projects for 3 days?

Last weekend was probably the best weekend - EVER.
I haven't been able to blog because I haven't been able to separate all of the delights.
An amazing knitting workshop with Jude Skeers on Saturday making an absolutely ingenious moebius cowl and, of course, spending time with 14 other wonderful knitters.

Then on Sunday the Celebration of Wool Day (AKA yarnwhore fest 2008) which went off like a rocket!

And other stuff.
Will almost definitely catch up with blog stuff next week. Maybe.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seven Things Week 37

I know the ins look bad, but 31 of those patterns will be going just as soon as a new home is found - really they will. And look at the amount of yarn that's gone! Tip of the iceberg, of course, but true progress from where I'm sitting.

Of course tomorrow is the festival of yarn whoredom. Luckily I'm staffing the SnB stand all day, so will try to restrict myself to the set of dpns and top whorl spindle already ordered. No promises, though.

IN (52)
1 ball Patonyle (actually a small bag of scraps that weighs a little less than 50g) OP SHOP
1 knitting magazine NEW
1 scarf's worth Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair GIFT
2 videos (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) GIFT
4 sets of needles OP SHOP
32 vintage Patons patterns (31 swap with a fellow Raveler, 1 from an OP SHOP)
7 Tupperware spice containers OP SHOP
2 tops OP SHOP
1 costume OP SHOP
1 formal dress OP SHOP

OUT (549)
13 pairs knitting needles - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 ruanas - GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 prs beds socks - GIFTS & DONATIONS
289 balls (equivalent by weight) of yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 pattern books - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 bags of beads - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 swimsuit - GIFTS & DONATIONS
194 patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
32 beanies - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 set wine glass charms - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 set knitting needles - GIFTS & DONATIONS

1 scarf
1 pr french knickers
1 nightie

Monday, May 12, 2008

Who says you can't fight city hall?

A friend of mine is fond of saying "You might not be able to fight city hall, but sometimes you can shit on the step and run away."

When I was a little girl, maybe about 8 or 10 years old, Dad's idea of spending quality time with his eldest child was to take me to Question Time at Parliament House. I quite liked go but deeply resented the regulation at Old Parliament House that wouldn't let knitting in the public galleries. The reason given was that it annoyed the politicians and distracted them from debate. My opinion - my KIPing might have disturbed their kipping!

Today a fellow Raveler, librarian and vintage knitting pattern enthusiast took me on a private tour of some of the less public areas of new Parliament House and then into both chambers after a lunchtime pattern swap.

Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah - I win. I got picutres of my latest WIP (and yes, the use of that term in this context makes me giggle) in both galleries. Take that stupid regulations!

DW scarf in the House of Reprepresentatives

DW scarf in the Senate

Also got to go into the Budget lockup just hours before all the journos but didn't take a picture. Just imagine the scarf draped artfully over banks of computers in a large airless room.
The scarf is Jo Sharp's "Twisted Scarf" from Knit issue 2 in Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair (frugalled by TSS for $2, worth about $52.50) in a not quite smokey, not quite teal blue. Divine and all for me!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friends shouldn't let friends knit hungover

so where were you lot at 5 this morning when I thought it would be a grand thing to finish the heel of my Trekking XXL sock?

This is the result of too much red wine last night and a decision to turn the heel after picking up the gusset stitches. Seriously stunted.

Serves me right, I thought I could sneak the sock in instead of knitting my Row a Day Challenge project.

M1K1 and TSS, both of whom should know better, set themselves the challenge of knitting at least one row a day on currently stalled projects. I thought it might be a way to get my arse into gear over my SIL's birthday scarf. Yep it was her birthday last month but they were away at the time and I had two other family birthdays that week and Mum was sick and Dad was sick and the dog ate my homework and I really hate knitting the track yarn (Moda Vera Salsa) even though it looks pretty.

Here it is, about 2/3 done. Probably should have it done for the Mother's Day lunch at her place tomorrow. *sigh*

Seven Things Week 36

I know it's weird, but it was just lovely to be able to sweep the floors properly this week. The new arrangement is still being tweaked but I'm liking it so far, although I do miss my creative clutter around me. What to knit when I take a few minute's break and my WIPS are tidied away in a large basket and box? (shut up - WIPs are a whole other challenge)

Will spend today in the much neglected garden and formulate my holiday plans a bit better. Try to balance out 7-things with some sewing, some spinning, some knitting, some exercising and much spending time with people I love.

IN (17)
6 lengths fabric NEW
1 paper pattern NEW
4 balls sock yarn GIFT
1 dog basket. Peggy is often invited out with me but finds it confusing to not be welcomed onto other people's couches. This is her travelling lounge suite. I was tempted to knit her one, but then I remembered what I'm like at felting. NEW
1 top OP SHOP (what can I say, I'm a weak woman)
2 knitting magazines
2 glasses

OUT (291)
2 prs stockings OP SHOP
1 decorative cardboard box RECYCLING
1 ring keeper BIN
4 coasters BIN
4 incense holders BIN
2 baskets OP SHOP
1 lunch box OP SHOP
7 odd socks BIN
8 coat hangers OP SHOP
2 tea cosies OP SHOP
2 skirts OP SHOP
5 fridge magnets BIN
3 jumpers OP SHOP
1 lanyard BIN
1 bath mat - BIN
1 baking dish - BIN
1 pr shoulder pads - BIN
1 box beads - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 box curtain rings - GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 knives - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pin cushion - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr knitting needles - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 knife block - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 bath mat BIN
6 pairs stockings BIN
206 knitting patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 coat hangers - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 kitchen container - RECYCLING
1 ceramic container - GIFTS & DONATIONS

SIAA (2)
1 scarf


IN 17
OUT 291
nett out 264

Friday, May 09, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another week, another member of my team leaves. *sigh*

This time it was one of my part-time contract staff who has been with us since before I started. I love J and will miss her very much; not just for her work.

So another leaving scarf. This time a Short Circuit in 8ply on 5mm needles to give it drape. This was a smooth and silky white wool from Mum's stash. I remember the trip to the Wangaratta Woollen Mills in the mid-80s when it was bought. Mum, Nanna and me on a yarn buying road trip. We stayed overnight in a motel in Albury (I love staying in motels!) and bought Dad a suit in an op-shop the day before we went to the woollen mills. He wore that suit to my brother's wedding a few years later.

Anyway, Spidey overdyed the yarn a while back and this colourway is "Wisteria" (I called it Hydrangea because she didn't tell me it was Wisteria, but if you want some, you need to ask for Wisteria).

I think the scarf turned out beautifully, and matches at least one of J's work outfits. I know, as a knitter herself, that she appreciates the love and intent that is the scarf.
Didn't manage to get a photo of her wearing it, but you get the general idea.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thanks to a double feature at the ANU Film Group on Friday night, TSS and I finished 4 beanies. (TTWC 2008.045-048). Not quite as beautiful as the costumes in Atonement or Elizabeth the Golden Age, but a good deal warmer.

Thanks to you all for your supportive comments on yesterday's post. I know the weekly 7 things updates have been a little dull, but they've been essential for me.

There was an intervention last night which included vodka and girlie mixers, a Thai takeaway, Red Dwarf series IV and casting on 9 TTWCs. It was good to have a break. Back to it tomorrow.

Also, the castanets were as real as they were lovely. I had a Spanish neighbour who chucked a lot of things out when she unpacked her sea container of belongings. Among the items she jettisoned were some old wooden toys, including the castanets and a small piano (also disposed of this week) and some gorgeous heavy cotton and lace bed linen. I still have the linen and a one-legged wooden marionette which hangs off a door handle.

I'm taking 4 weeks leave from next Friday, so consolidation of current progress will occur then, as will some major sewing projects. I bought a reasonable quantity of some gorgeous stretch satin this afternoon for some slinky nighties. Am feeling the need for something a bit more feminine than over-sized t-shirts.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Seven Things Week 35

This week, finally, furniture could be moved around and the effects of the last 35 weeks are becoming evident. It's not more comfortable yet and it's taking a LOT longer than I imagined it would. So far I haven't felt the loss of any thing I've disposed of but this week's almost manic activity (ask the TSS and Happy Spider help-lines for confirmation on this) has slowed down knitting activity. I'm really looking forward to have a space I'm comfortable relaxing and creating in.

And most of the patterns scheduled for disposal have not left so are not counted yet. Hopefully next week.

IN (8)
1 knitting magazine
1 piece of fabric GIFT
1 envelope GIFT
4 knitting patterns OP SHOP
1 Lazy Susan OP SHOP

OUT (458)
156 pattern books, books, mags GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 spinning wheel GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 decorative soaps GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 coffee measurer GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 cushion covers GIFTS & DONATIONS
51 balls yarn GIFTS & DONATIONS
10 of those little bottles of shampoo you get in hotels GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 nightie RAG BAG
1 tapestry kit GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 shoe trees GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 maps from the research collection GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 portfolio GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 pieces vintage fabric GIFTS & DONATIONS
15 jumpers & tops GIFTS & DONATIONS
30 audio cassettes GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 teatowels RAG BAG
2 prs stockings BIN
2 film canisters RECYCLING
1 roll film BIN
2 calculators GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 beach buckets recycling
1 pr shoes GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 items ephemera GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 useless plastic containers RECYCLING
1 pillow BIN
1 cushion insert BIN
10 pairs socks GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 diary covers GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 sets knitting needles GIFTS & DONATIONS
6 Tupperware containers GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 lampshade GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 xmas decorations GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 set castinets GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 card file box GIFTS & DONATIONS
6 items haberdashery GIFTS & DONATIONS
6 needle boxes GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 afternoon tea set GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 bouquet of paper flowers GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 loo roll holder BIN
3 travel aids GIFTS & DONATIONS
18 kitchen containers BIN
2 sewing patterns GIFTS & DONATIONS
18 prs needles GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 dog collar GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 dog coat GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 dog harness GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 display stands GIFTS & DONATIONS
23 prs wristwarmers GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 cork boards GIFTS & DONATIONS


IN 8
OUT 458