Monday, October 30, 2006

Taph's Tools - ball holder

Mum is home from hospital. She's not fully well but she's much improved. A needle biopsy will have to be done sometime soon as they accidentally found a mass in her stomach which now must be investigated.

Did not get to the alpaca show, dammit, but several woollen jumpers have been reclaimed, skeined, washed and await the application of the swift/ball winder combo to make them useable. We have pink Bluebell, chocolate Bluebell, green Herdwick and some red mystery 12 ply.

Wash cloth count 24
Beanie count 6
Mystery gift item 1/2 (I know I wasn't casting anything else on, but it's a present!)
Job 1 (for now)

Thought I'd begin a series of posts on my favourite knitting tools. Let's not get into the best needle debate - it's far too divisive (I'm not that fussed on my new Addi Turbos - 'nuff said).

Here's two favourite tools. Not originally designed for knitting use, they adapt perfectly well. Thank you, Mr Tupper.

On the bottom is my Tupperware digital scale. I LOOOOOVE this scale. It measures accurately, has a wide flat plate, takes up very little room, does grams and ounces and came with it's own batteries.

On top is the 1.5 litre Tupperware Rock 'n Serve. It's perfect to hold that ball of wool you don't want rolling around the place collecting dust and attracting pets. The vented seal is big enough to accommodate quite thick wool. Here the hand wound ball of mystery 12 ply is about to become a centre pull ball and below is a better picture of the container.


Jejune said...

Oooh I like your Tupperware Rock 'n Serve idea (shifty eyes, about to steal husband's lunch container of the same brand).

Best wishes for your mum with the next round of nasty medical things - and best wishes for you in coping with all the support roles you hold, which I know are multifarious.

Lulu says "Baaaaaaaaaaa. Mint sauce shmint shauce!" and the sticks out her tongue, for some reason ;)

Jejune said...
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Margie said...

Hee hee! I love the rock n serve idea. My TW manager gave me garbage bag full of hand wound centre pull balls of what looks like 8 ply crepe woolen yarn in assorted colours last night. There's got to be a few decent jumpers' worth in there. I'll bring it on Thursday and see who wants it. Mostly it's not my colours but I'm sure someone will find it very appealing. :)

Bells said...

that's inspired Taph! I am going to go to the next tupperware I'm invited to, just to get one!! And I HATE tupperware parties!