Friday, December 01, 2006

Last Tango in Braidwood

I really did think that a day looking at quilts hanging off balconies in Braidwood with my mother and her friends would be S.E.X.* free. Heaven knows I could do with a weekend of yarn celibacy.

Then I met this evil temptress.

From the moment I touched her soft downy balls, I was beguiled. Her charms were seemingly endless.

It began with a smile and a caress but soon escalated.

Watched and encouraged by both her husband and my mother (oh, the perversity), we engaged in a mutal petting session that ended in an exchange of cash. I felt so cheap. $2 for each of the Patonyle, and $3 for each of the cones of Bendigo baby 4ply. She threw in the set of 2.25mm dpns because of my enthusiasm.

My reserves breached it was an orgiastic frenzy of linen and alpaca (50c a ball for 2 balls of each), climaxing in a box of 20 pairs of tortiseshell needles (some still in their virgin state original wrapping), 7 sets of circular needles, a few cr****t hooks and assorted accessories for $40 in which I was joined by my mother's friend Bernie. Sadly, the photographs of these will not load. Seems Blogger has moral standards.

I needed a towel down (tea towel with knitted top) and a cup of tea ($5 for a really cute Bodum plain glass teapot). Sometimes I really miss smoking.

*Stash Enhancement eXercise, for the uninitiated


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Taph! LOL!

The big questions, of course, are do they still respect you in the morning, and when can you get more?!

Anonymous said...

It's suddenly very warm in here. I'm feeling all hot and bothered. Phew. I need a moment. :-)

happyspider said...

well ladies, as you know i can never say no to S.E.X.... rowrrr!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Ignoring for the moment the jealousy happening here at your finds, if you want a lesson at convincing Blogger to load extra photos when it feels you've used your quota for the day, let me know. (Payment will be one Jo Sharp pattern book ;-) )

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they let you out in public :) Although fabulous that you scored a "gift with purchase" due to your enthusiasm. Might need to try that tactic myself ;p

totally love it.

sue said...

How wonderful a stash enhancement is that. Isnt it great when you have finds like that. Wish I had found some of those too.

aykayem said...

u must have got there b4 I did! LOL
... I would have bought the crochet hooks and probably the balls of linen too ... then again ... I might not have had the money left because the first 2 stalls I went to had cheap quilt fabric and I spent most of my cash on a pile of that!
... btw - u probably know me from TASDA meetings (I sometimes have some really weird things for show and tell ;-)
Andrea, disorganised in Dunlop.
(who fell over your blog while wandering around the www when I should be sleeping)
also ... crochet is NOT a naughty word! ;-)