Tuesday, November 09, 2010

De ja vu

The clutter has been creeping back in. OK, it's been arriving by the gleeful armload up the front stairs and I'm not all that sorry.

Earthchick (blog now non-existent) started the Seven Things Project in July 2006. Her goal was to try and live more simply - to have less and more importantly to want less; to rid herself of the clutter that overwhelms and paralyses.  Her method was to rid her life of seven things each week. 

I'm not paralysed yet, but getting a little overwhelmed so the de-clutter bug has re-introduced into my system.  Also, I have clean out under Mum's house.  We never got around to it after Dad died, but this summer is the go. 

So we're seven-thinging again at Taph Towers. TOF will keep me honest - I'm not allowed to hide anything at his place or in our caravan. Of course, that means anything I cull in those places counts to the total, so it's all good. :)

For the uninitiated, I did two Seven Things Challenges in 2007. 6 weeks in Winter 2007, then 78 weeks from 1 Sept 2007-Feb 2009.  5,126 items (nett) left the house in those two challenges.
As before items will be thoughtfully dealt with. Just throwing stuff out isn't part of the deal. Mindful consumption and thoughtful disposal are tenets of this particular faith.

I will report each Monday in three categories :"In", "Out" and"Shake-it-All-About". The aim is that "Out" minus "In" will be greater than or equal to 7.  I'll keep it up through Summer and see how we go from there. 

The stuff I bring in to our homes. This includes:
  • stash items of ANY kind
  • other forms of entertainment such as books, magazines, cds etc.
  • items received by subscription, for example, magazines
  • clothes and accessories
  • homewares
  • gifts received
Exempt are consumables such as food and other groceries and items borrowed from the library (but not items borrowed from the library and copied for keeping because that is (a) illegal and (b) not in the spirit of the challenge).

Items deliberately weeded from the houses. Consumables do not count. Completely worn out and non-fixable/transformable clothing, household items etc do.  I will try and repurpose before I give it away, but in the main, if it's clothing that is still wearable, just too big/small etc, I'll give it to the women's refuge or op-shop rather than cut it up.

This category is about transformation. After the first challenge I realised it is important to acknowledge the creative transformation of items already in the home. It might be as simple as the use of stash buttons on an old blouse to revamp it instead of buying a new blouse or other transformation of clothes. It might be the creation of something new for ourselves or others from stash. I have much sewing to do just now, mending and curtain making being the most pressing.  Some items from this category will become "outs" which is perfectly fine.  Maybe I'll include a "use it up" section to account for stash.  Dunno, I'll think about it.

So check back next Monday for an update.


chocolatetrudi said...

Oh goodie! I enjoyed your last challenge, in that there were interesting ideas for decluttering and repurposing. I particularly liked your blog post about Tupperware, and how plastic used for the long term is worth buying/keeping.

2paw said...

Good luck. I shall enjoy your posts, I liked the last 7 things too.

Sheep Rustler said...

It's a great idea, might try to do something about this myself.

Leonie said...

I remember when you did this last time. I was impressed then with your dedication and ability to get rid of stuff and I'm impressed that you are prepared to go at it again. My house is in serious need of a clear out and I really should just get going on it but realistically it will have to wait until School holidays.

Olivia said...

Great! I enjoyed following along when you did it last time, and a lot of what you did had an effect on my own habits and thoughts about getting rid of things or repurposing, some of it almost unconsciously I suspect.

Donna Lee said...

I really enjoyed watching you clean out last time. I lived vicariously through you. I think maybe this time, I may want to go along for the ride. We have much clutter around here that needs to be gotten rid of.