Friday, April 01, 2011

12 in 11 March Update

End of the first quarter and tracking a bit high.

With the change of seasons, though, comes a reckoning in the wardrobe.  I'm pretty ok for casual gear, but my work wardrobe was a little low and the going out clothes very patchy.  That's fixed now.

Also, the planned sewing didn't happen.  I need to get back into a routine with the sewing machine. I'm incredibly proud of my discernment in shopping, though.  I've brought home in three months what would have come home in a day previously.


I picked up fine wool blend charcoal grey trousers and skirt. Quality fabric and well designed, cut and made garments.   The trousers (Lisa Ho) set me back $5 and the skirt (Basque - the Myer larger sizes label) $2.   I couldn't leave either behind at that price.  I have also culled a lot of tatty garments from last winter's wardrobe, so no nett gain; a nett loss in fact.

Then there was the black stretch satin evening skirt for $2.50.  I was missing a black evening skirt or pants. The purchase of this one skirt means I have five going out outfits. We don't go out much, but it's good to know I have options when we do.

Running total 5/12



1 dress.  TSS bought it for me on the sly but I was going to buy it anyway.  A black and white spotty sun dress in vintage style that fitted for $3, you bet it was coming home with me.  Although it's not outstanding quality, it is well designed and matched all the other criteria for inclusion in the wardrobe where there is a lack of fab and fun frocks.  I would not have been able to make this - no patterns and the fabric would be difficult to source and certainly not for $3.

1 pair socks.  Created from the scraps of other hand-knitted socks.  C'mon- triple bonus points on this one?
1 pair socks.  Yarn recycled from jumper TOF bought at an op shop for $1. (I''ll get at least 6 prs of socks from this jumper).

There was an attempt to buy new underwear, but bra shopping when Target had a 30% off sale ended in a mixture of rage and self-loathing.  Of course there was nothing left in my size in the one style they sell that I can wear in the colour I wanted (black - not exactly unusual).  Plenty of all the other sizes and one to fit in granny beige.  What does this tell you Target?  OK, not quite calmed down yet.  Nothing purchased.

My only pair of summer sandals died in January.  I replaced them with a pair from the Vinnies Monster Sale (brand new) for $3 and added a pair of new pair summer sports shoes for another $3.  I've decided to exempt these as they are replacements / necessary exercise equipment.

Nothing added and while I came close a couple of times I resisted all but the good quality gear that coordinates with the current wardrobe.


2paw said...

You have done extraordinarily well, and I am so glad the spotty dress made it home with you!!
I know exactly what you mean about not being able to find underwear that fits. It is a pain and surely there are more women who need the sizes??

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

I think I'd have struggled to leave those trousers and skirt behind at that price too.

I'm still at zero on my tally but think I need a new (to me) Spring jacket of some sort - my winter one is too hot, my own from last year too scruffy. I've noticed some of my tops are beginning to lose their shape too now so they might need replacing...