Friday, October 07, 2011


What 7am looked like yesterday.

Working on a commission to be delivered on Sunday.  A soon to be born grandchild is in need of a bonnet and better-than-boottees socks. 

The socks will take 6 hours to complete so I'm working on the bonnet first.  The design and yarn was left to my discretion, as long as it was white.  The vintage Patonyle (60% wool, 40% nylon in 25g balls) has been in stash for some time.  It was purchased second-hand and I have 3 balls. The bonnet is going to take just over one ball and I'll get the socks out of the remainder of that ball.  A lovely set for 50g of yarn.

The pattern is vintage Patons and written for for 3ply, but using smaller needles in a ribbed/lacy ribbed garment means sizing won't be an issue.  This will fit from about 3mos on. As we don't know the gender of the baby, I'm figuring lemon ribbons for the ties.  All materials are from stash.


Leonie said...

Nice :-)

2paw said...

I think I recognise that pattern, is it form the Woolcraft book?? Some patterns are just timeless, aren't they?? I always knit green when in gender doubt!!!

Lynne said...

Yay for stash!