Wednesday, October 24, 2012

None of these things are not like the others

The only visible difference between these models is that one of them is blonde.

Who does Levi's think it is kidding? Perhaps it thinks its customers are stupid. Advertising fail.


Michelle said...

That leaves me with the same bitter taste in my mouth as it did when Myer plonked the Weight Watchers clinic right in the middle of the BIB section in the Sydney Central Store.

Guess who now refuses to shop at Myer in Sydney? Their loss.

Taphophile said...

Oh yes the blood boiling moment when I discovered that insensitive bit of proximity marketing. They got none of my dosh, either.

Probably just as well we sew, Michelle.

2paw said...

They all look the same?? None of them have any curves at all. Very poor show.

Donna Lee said...

Those jeans are so unflattering. I was just thinking today as I was walking to the train after work that once again I will not be in style since Skinny Jeans do not work on me. I will stick with my boot cut slightly below the waist pants and hope they don't wear out before they come back in fashion!

Taphophile said...

That's the difference between fashion and style, Donna Lee. You have style because you know and wear what suits you. :-)