Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ask and.

Christmas baking began this weekend Chez Taph and TOF.

No sooner had the first fruit cakes hit the oven than I realised we didn't have enough cake containers for the 8 cakes to be made.

I blame the massive cull we did when moving house and finally consolidating collections in August.

A moan about not having enough Tupperware left our Facebook friends incredulous and a little gleeful at our predicament.  In a reply post I suggested a visit to the Green Shed might yield some cake tins but I secretly held little hope this close to Christmas.

Such sanguinity is borne of years of op shopping disappointments. It is a truism of op shopping that one cannot expect to find the exact thing one is after first off.

A lunchtime trip to Mugga Mugga yielded not only two Christmas themed tins in the exact sized required but a piece of furniture I described to TOF that morning to store our laptops and portable devices that I didn't know even existed.

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2paw said...

How cool is that?? Mind you, I always joke that I have a wish and I waste it on things like wishing there will be a parking place outside the Library instead of world peace or winning Tattslotto!!!