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Monday, June 10, 2019

Seven Things Week 40

Back on track with a renewed vigour and I finally hit the 5000 mark.

IN (13)
2pieces of fabricop shop

1topop shop

1pair shoesop shop

1sofaBuy Nothing Community

2pieces of fabricretailwhen a colleague offers to take you shopping at lunchtime on an interstate trip it would be impolite not to purchase something
6notebooksretailhalf price sale at a news agency, replenishing the stash.  I haven’t bought notebooks in over a year and had used a number.

OUT (175)
12napkinsBuy Nothing CommunityI thought I had already decluttered our manchester, but it appears I could have another go
4towelsBuy Nothing Community

6pairs hand knitted socksgiftThese were made for Mum and don’t fit me.  I found them a good home 8 years after Mum's death

13pairs shoesZonta/opshop/buy nothing

138balls woolGuild trading tableBravely revisiting stash and culling
1pair undiesbin


NETT OUT SINCE 28 AUGUST 2018   5011

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