Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Short Post

So great to finally get to an SnB last night. Small but enthusiastic was the crowd. The Happy Spider came, fresh from moving into her new home, and newbie Caroline who's recently moved from the US and immediately found an SnB. She used to run one a SnB and she let me fondle her Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and rub it on myself. She also wants to breed alpaca and got to the alpaca show on the weekend (I didn't need to know that). Definitely a kindred spirit.

Looking forward to Thursday night at Starbucks very much.

Washcloths - 25
Beanies - 6.3
Other finished objects - 1
Jobs - 1 (for now)

Gratuitous Westie pic - this is Rosie the last time she was groomed. Happy smile, non?


Margie said...

Good to hear you got some "you" time!
Dog very cute.

Jejune said...

Rosie is as naughty as ever - does she think we're fooled by the cute smile?

Sorry I couldn't get along to SnB last night - but definitely be seeing you tomorrow at Starbucks!

Glad the job count stands at 1, fingers crossed for longevity... I'm impressed by your number of washcloths!

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Taphophile said...

Rosie isn't naughty. She's stubborn and defiant, but not naughty. :)

kylie said...

oh shes so sweet. no one with a face like that could be naughty :) could you do me a huge favour and bring your BGK book, i am thinking about looking for a cardigan pattern to think about starting for myself. note, lots of thinking going on! skiya tomorrow.