Monday, February 19, 2007

Harlot Happening

Extra special event.

Thursday 22 March, 6pm +, probably at Starbucks at MANUKA.


If you read the Yarn Harlot, you will be aware from her most recent post that she's planning a VERY BIG book launch on Thursday 22 March in New York.

Spidey and I can't get to NY by then because apparently the wounds from the sale of our kidneys to finance the trip won't be healed sufficiently, so at SnB yesterday the consensus was to have our own event. This was in no small part due to the presence of a new member, Kate, who has ACTUALLY MET Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and there were 3 socks in progress at the meeting.

We think the Sherpa can swing a shift at Starbucks, Manuka for that night, thus ensuring a very knit-friendly atmosphere.


This is about as far along the planning route as we've made it. Suggestions for activities so far are a march around Manuka knitting and chanting, a Yarn Harlot trivia quiz and a raffle. Any or none of these things may actually happen.

We'll keep you posted as plans progress. Please send in suggestions. We'll also need help with publicity - so put a note on your blog, comment on someone else's blog and invite your mates.


Jejune said...

Great idea - can't be sure I'll get there (school nights aren't good), but I hope you get a great turnout!

Lara said...

Fab! Let's have one in every state of Australia.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

*shuffles feet and stares at the sky* Actually I'm highly allergic to Starbucks and have just locked in an Indian Feast on the other side of town starting at 7pm.

But it sounds like a fun night and I look forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about it!

m said...

TAdophile ..I hope I'm not being forward here ..I remember some time ago you mentioned something in a comment about "how sad it was about the Wool Shop in Young " At the time I didn't think anything of it, but was perturbed on the W/E to see a huge clean up going on at the wool shop and sale ads on tele ..Could you enlighten me any chance ..??
(I have the feeling I"m going to be really sad since my l.y.s is closing .I was relying on Young )

Kate said...

I REALLY wish I could be there and hang with you guys. It'd be a great push to get my 2nd sock started! I'll be hanging out with the matinee jacket at home instead. Have a ball : )

Thanks for your encouraging post. Hopfeully the meat pie will shrink post partum so I won't need a D&C, but I'm not overly hopeful. Nevertheless, I'm trying to focus on what appears to be a very health active baby in utero (frog homework is a definite possibility!)

Susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea, and if I didn't live so far away I'd be there for sure. Lara said "let's have one in every state in Australia", and I agree. I'm in a suburb of Melbourne. Anyone interested in organising a get together?
Also, are there any SnB's in Melbourne, or any other knit and chat groups?

Janette said...

I'm spreadin' the word!

Jejune said...

Oooooooh MARCH. Duh.

The whole school night scenario may still hold, but perhaps I can just leave the dotter at home ;)

Kuka said...

sounds like fun =)