Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I picked up the pieces from the recent Knit1 Blog1 exhibitions at CraftACT today. While I was there I collected the Happy Spider's knitted wonders and the dress form that displayed her rogue hoodie.

A quick photo session with the resident gargoyle and it was off to Starbucks for a sit and knit with Jejune and Spidey. Lovely to sit and catch up for an hour or so - a bit like a couple of years ago when it was just the three of us at a Stitch 'n' Bitch. How times change and now we get to knit with lots of gorgeous women 4 times a month!

Jejune was working on the second lace mitt (I got to try on the first one - it's divine) and Spidey had a sensational sock in her new colourway - "Imposition".

Then on to the Southern Cross Club for dinner with Judes and the Woden SnB. Eight women (7 of them bloggers) enjoying the company, the alcohol and the fibre fumes. What a magnificent day.

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh bugger! That's what you meant by "we'll hatch our plans further tomorrow night". I completely forgot it was that time of the month :-}