Thursday, December 04, 2008


Long ago I decided that knitting Christmas gifts was not going to happen.

1. Bad time of year for anything except washcloths (although I did that for the volunteers at work a few years ago)
2. Too many to knit for with a single deadline.
3. Christmas gifts are, to me, generally less personal than birthday gifts.

So I go the commercial route for Christmas and the hand-made for birthdays.

In an idle moment* last week I compiled a list of who would be getting knitted love next year for their birthdays, when their birthdays were, an idea of what I thought I'd make them and what was in stash to support it. Eeeep! January-April there are 8 birthdays with 13 knitted pieces planned. May-Dec, 3 birthdays with 5 knitted pieces planned. Quick revision of number of pieces reduced the Jan-April figure to 11 knitted pieces, but half the birthdays and 6 knitted pieces fall within 8 days in April!. Knitting is now timetabled until then end of July. There is not much room for slippage until the 27th of April (and I'm behind this week already) and there's at least 3 other projects due by the end of January.

In play, also, are developing pattern ideas, two exhibition pieces, incidental gifts, probable special requests and/or commissions, market stall items, baby stuff, projects for me or for fun and charity creations.

Lucky I enjoy knitting, huh?

* ok, I was in a meeting and in need of diversion. If I can't knit, I can at least think about knitting


2paw said...

Oh, it's a big commitment isn't it. I was planning that next year would be my mostly knitting free gift year, and then I started to think of my family and friends and then I had to think again!!
Good luck with your schedule!!

Olivia said...

I feel exhausted reading that post! I have to be a bit more impulsive about it than that, otherwise I would never start any knitting/making projects for ME, of the many mentally queued.

Yes, it's lucky you like knitting!