Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seven Things Week 66

Looking around this week there are really only two big lots of clutter in the house left to attend to. Books and knitting stuff.

Books will be interesting. I am still going through Dad's library, so I suspect that I'll be BookCrossing my own collection and ingesting his at the same time. The aim is for no nett gain and perhaps a little nett loss with that one.

The uncluttering sites and books are not at all helpful here. They are invariably written by heartless wretches and nowhere can I see discussion about how significant objects actually are. No, they are not people. It's my Dad's book, not my Dad. But Dad valued these objects and some of them have a great deal of significance for a lot of reasons. One thing I have found during 66 weeks of 7-things is that it is immensely important to acknowledge the significance of things in one's life and that you must be truly ready to let it go or regret will gnaw away at you.

So I do what I've done with 7-things. I do the easy stuff first.

Ephemera, journals and duplicates all go first. I find loving homes wherever possible, knowing that the material will be respected. At last resort is the Lifeline box.

Next I tackle the subjects that have little meaning for me or other members of the family. Again, donation to people who do see meaning and value in the topic is the preferred method of disposal. I am stymied sometimes by members of the family who are emotionally unable to accept even the books that they want. At the moment I'm indulging their feelings but Mum's patience is wearing thin and she wants the room for other things. It's tempting to box and wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree.

Yarn is a bit difficult. The Old Flame and I were discussing our respective stashes (my knitting/spinning stuff and his skiing stuff) recently and agreed that mine's a little different because I'm stashing snow as well as skis. It's summer now, time for a thaw. Perhaps when the weather gets a little warmer.

IN (10)
1 mp3 player -$10 for a new 2g mp3 player
1 set videos - gift
1 top - $5 Salvos
1 skirt - $12.50 Vinnies (a leetle pricey, but it's lovely and will be my birthday outfit for this year)
1 sofa - gift
2 prs socks - new
2 polar fleece jackets - they were Dad's but they are good quality and they fit so I'm hanging on to them.
1 vase - Secret Santa gift

OUT (77)
1 butter dish - GIFTS & DONATIONS
11 books - GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 bags beading bits - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 bag yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 sets knitting needles - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 plastic containers - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 knitting patterns - gifts & donations - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 bathroom accessories - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 bag hair accessories - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 soft toy - GIFTS & DONATIONS
5 pieces of fabric - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 drink bottle - RECYCLING
7 storage jars - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 prs trousers - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 doylies - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 tallboy - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 mirror set - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 clothes hangers - RECYCLING
2 picture frames - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr boots - BIN
4 sets spectacles - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 pr socks - BIN
1 set wine charms - GIFTS & DONATIONS

SIAA (2)
1 neck warmer
1 proto-type camera cosy

in 10
out 77
nett out 67

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TinkingBell said...

I do understand.

Some of dad's maritime books etc went of to happy homes immediately, some went to museaum and some is still here. I know it needs to find a home where it's appreciated, but....

He died 7 years ago. Some things take a while.