Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Cr*chet Ligament

Crochet/Cruchet, what's the difference? About $2000 as it turns out.

Today we found out, after $400 worth of xrays, anaesthetic (and we'll just do your immunisation while your here), 4 trips to the vet's in two days and another $132 for Rosie's immunisation (Dad forgot to have her done last September!), that Peggy has a partially torn Cruchet Ligament. We have surgery next week after Dr Bill returns from a conference.

Don't get me wrong, we love Dr Bill. Dr Bill saved Peggy's life last March when Dad fed her a lamb loin bone that got stuck in her throat, sideways, just above the heart. In the 10 months since this major abdominal surgery though, Peggy has given birth and been spayed. It's not fair and not cheap. We don't love Dr Bill enough to single handedly finance his house extensions.

All plans for next week's jaunt to Sydney for Body Corporate AGM, Pissaro Exhibition and the Stitches and Craft Show are off. All plans for Stash Enhancement are off. All plans for eating are off. Plans to sell everything in this house not currently in use are ON.


Susan George said...

Peggy looks wonderful. Will send positive thoughts. But ... love the vet .... loath the vet bills. Poverty inducing.

Jejune said...

Best wishes to Peggy and your bank account for a speedy recovery... my pup did the same thing a few years ago, similarly painful for all concerned.

Come over and we will feed you :)

happyspider said...

oh taph... i'm so so sorry. if there's anything, ANYTHING i can do to help out sing out. Our chooks are laying like crazy things if you need any eggs... is it too 'country town' if i bring you a casserole? would hate to out myself as a non-canberran ;)
PS. at least let me know if your swift doesnt come in time - workable yarn is almost as good as stash enhancement, and it sounds like you could use the therapy. you can crank that ball-winder with your angry hand :p

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I feel for you, we have a pure blood Jack russell and we know we could be up for Big Money if something happens to her as you do ,after all they are a member of the family!
Look on the bright side, you can finish some UFO's.....

Taphophile said...

Sorry, Spidey, but I can't seem to publish your post. Many thanks for ALL of you offers. :)