Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seven Things Week 74

Yes, I do have a problem with yarn. I accept that. I now just have to keep away from temptation.

I also have a problem with Tupperware and a SO who gives me secondhand and broken Tupperware (which is usally replaceable free of charge) the same way other girls get given bunches of flowers. I prefer the Tupperware.

There is a Tuppeware Collection Development Policy (sort of). I usually don't buy round storage containers because they take up too much room. I try not to buy the novelty stuff, although I adore the chicken keeper the Old Flame bought me at Christmas.

On the up side, more crafting this week. I made things instead of prowling the house for things to get rid of and it felt REALLY good. As they are all potential outs, it's a bonus activity.

I suspect, however, that seven things will end for me soon.

IN (17)
1 shirt $2 Vinnies
2 pieces Tupperware - Gift
14 lots yarn - Cassidy's sale

OUT (12)
2 prs jeans
1 dress
9 videos

SIAA (4)
3 cowls
1 scarf

IN 17
OUT 12


Jan said...

Sounds fine to me unless you are like my MIL. A total Tupperware addict who insisted that if there were two containers, exactly the same size and shape, one would hold more than the other, purely because it was Tupperware.

Her nonsense about the stuff turned me the other way and I would proudly show her my acquisitions in storage ware, deliberately not Tupperware. I suppose I was being silly, but she was so totally over the top about this and other things that for my sanity, I needed to do something.

Anonymous said...

I would probably hoard tupperware if I could actually find any. It's far too expensive to buy new. That chicken keeper thing is awesome, I will have to remember it.

sb lovecraft said...

ooh please tell me more about the tupperware collection policy. I totally understand your addiction. I dream about finding broken tupperware. And sometimes I do.

I overheard two ladies at the bric a brac table at the local school call me 'the crazy container lady'.

I am trying to find the courage to ask an acquaintance a recently retired tupperware lady to give me her spare parts manual. So I can y'know just look.