Monday, December 21, 2009


Because there just isn't enough compulsory shopping at this time of the year, The Old Flame and I squeezed in a little op-shopping on the weekend.

We found heaps of wool, sewing notions and a toy loom (a bit expensive, but what the hell, it's Christmas), some shirts and these, my favourite things, which I even managed to photograph.

The white cane basket was full of knitting wool - most of it useable, the hand made little blue and white mouse in 3ply wool, the blue darning mushroom, and pink ballet flats with cute toe detail.


2paw said...

It all looks very Enid Blyton or Ballet Shoes (the book) What a great set of things you found. The little mouse is very cute!!!

Donna Lee said...

I'm envious of the darning mushroom! I haven't seen one in a while. And I love the pink shoes.

I hope you (and your family) have a lovely, joy filled holiday!

Grand Purl Baa said...

A very happy Christmas Ms Mouse.

A very happy Christmas.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Does this mean that you would actually have to darn now that you have the darning mushroom?

Lynne said...

Wow! I caa never find anything remotely of interest to me at op shops! Jigsaws for WM? Yes. But yarn or knitting related items - no way!

Jejune said...

Fantastic treasures you found there! I love the little mouse and the slippers :)

Happy New Year!!

Janette said...

Happy New Year!

Oh what a wonderful find!

Love the pink shoes ... truly twelve dancing princess shoes.

The darning mushroom is a nifty find indeed, and the colour ... lucky girl.

Happy belated birthday for December too :)

Kuka said...

ooh! I had shoes JUST like this, a few years ago!
I wore them until they were completely demolished, and it was very sad to let them go!
That mouse is adorable! =)