Friday, December 11, 2009

Touche Turtle and Away!

I just love fnding new uses for Tupperware!

On Second Hand Sunday (29 Nov just passed), The Old Flame and I picked up the base of a Tupperware marinating dish thinking we might have seal lurking in the bits and pieces collection.

It came in quite useful when we rescued this little fellow.  He was trying to cross the Barton Highway at a very busy spot.  I picked up the smelly freshwater turtle, either Emydura macquarii (Macquarie Turtle) or Chelodina longicollis (Snake-necked Turtle), and we took him to a reedy spot near the lake in Nicholls.  He was gone in seconds.  So quickly did he depart, we didn't get another photo.

Live well, Stinky.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Don did the same thing many years ago. He decided that the turtle needed help crossing the road not even considering the turtle might just have already crossed the road and was in the clear. The turtle wasn't even facing the road when we found him.

Since the turtle was quite large, Don threw his leather jacket over the animal to protect himself. So what did my DH get for his anphibian rescue? The turtle peed on his jacket.

Sheep Rustler said...

My husband knew someone who was doing just that on a highway and was killed by a semi-trailer. Not something I think of very often, but funnily enough he mentioned it a couple of days ago. I am glad your rescue adventure passed off uneventufully!