Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bewdy bottler

1. I am a stockpiler (I do not hoard - there is a difference). If oft-used commodities are going cheap, I stockpile and use. Doesn't matter if it's undies, wool or food - I stockpile and use.

2. I hate waste.

3. Freezer space in the Taph and TOF households is always at a premium (see 1, above, although Mum, TOF and Jnr have almost finished the reduced by 70% lasagne from my bulk buy in November)

4. I like stewed fruit - it is my cereal topping of choice and forms the basis of my favourite dessert Fruit Crumble (flavour depends on fruit to hand)

5. I particularly like stone fruit.

6. I like being self-sufficient.

7. I am concerned about the environmental effects of transporting fruit all over the country to be canned, then transporting it to warehouses, then transporting it to supermarkets.

8. I am more concerned when the fruit comes from overseas to start with.

9. I bought 3 packing cases full of Fowlers' jars for $20 at the tip shop over the Christmas break.

10. I spent our Christmas money on an electric bottling kit (and paid retail!)

11. We spent last weekend bottling the two cases of peaches my SIL got me from Araluen during the week.

I estimate that's about 2 months worth of fruit and we're keen to do more. TOF is already thinking about a fruit chasing holiday for January 2012 (we're booked until then!) taking the bottling equipment and the fruit dehydrators with us.

Anyone have fruit going spare or know of some? Anyone got old Fowlers' jars they'd like to part with?


twitchy fingers said...

Oh yum! Those fowler bottles are a direct memory link to my childhood - cherries and apricots being the fruits of choice at ours. I'll keep my peepers open for any bottles...

On another note - look at you, you wee whip of a thing!

petunia said...

Add a wee tiny drop of Almond Extract to peaches when you serve them - so said my mum! (she was right! but use very little)

Donna Lee said...

They are so beautiful, all golden and delicious looking. I've never seen fowler jars, we have Ball here. similar but not the same.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I love those jars. The shape of them is gorgeous. The peaches look absolutely yummy.

TinkingBell said...

You don't get my fowlers (but I have some plums here......

Lynne said...

Oh yum! You'd better be careful or you'll have us all visiting! LOL