Monday, March 08, 2010

Still here, just running and running and running.

TOF and I had a long weekend down the coast op-shopping  in February and since then, it's been food preserving non-stop.  For the first installment in our adventures in scrumping, pop over to TOF's blog.


2paw said...

Well, sounds like you have been very busy!! Excellent food harvesting. Somehow I always connect scrumping with apples. Isn't some cider called Scrumpy?? In the olden days maybe. Or, I am just imagining it all so take no notice!!!

Lynne said...

Jodie ( wrote the following on her blog last month:

I think we need a name for that feeling where you are running as fast as you can but going nowhere......
So I am suggesting "hamstered."

Hope you aren't feeling too hamstered and that the running is producing results!

cass said...

the apples on the trees behind the old Downer shops always go to waste.

they are a bit mangy though. might be ok for cooking.