Monday, March 21, 2011

Seven Things Week 19

Hmm, so the cross-border raid on the Goulburn op shops resulted in a few ins.

We did take the advantage of dropping off some outs at the Smith Family, though.  Canberra no longer has a Smith Family Op Shop (and I still miss it badly) so we can be assured of not accidentally buying back our own stuff, or buying back an something to present to the original owner (this has happened).  On that note, anyone shopping at Vinnies in Dickson - please don't buy me any knitting wool.

Also a week of ferrying dogs to vets, work and a weekend spent in family celebrations and support team for World Naked Bike Ride, Canberra - not much time to identify any outs.  TOF locked his wardrobe just in case, though.

5 knitting patterns for the collection OP SHOP
1 battleaxe OP SHOP
1 Bodum coffee plunger OP SHOP
6 items Tupperware OP SHOP
1 dress GIFT
1 ball yarn GIFT
7 lots of buttons OP SHOP
1 scarf (Wallabies official merchandise) OP SHOP
2 shirt for TOF OP SHOP
1 pr trousers for TOF OP SHOP
1 mincer attachment for the Kenwood Chef OP SHOP
1 sausage filling attachement for the Kenwood Chef OP SHOP


1 hand bag

1 pr socks

IN 28


louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

1 battleaxe OP SHOP


I'm wondering if it means something else in .au but I'm picturing a giant murderous weapon!

Taphophile said...

It's ok, Louisa. While the battleaxe is large and murderous looking, it's made of foam. Fancy dress parties abound and this is stocking up in advance for $1.