Tuesday, March 01, 2011

12 into 11 February Update

This month there has been a definite shift in mindset.

Look. Try on. Internally debate colour, fit, quality and usefulness.  Sigh with wistful resignation. Return item to rack.   And it really is resignation or realisation, not regret.

Early in the month there were a couple of additions to the savings jar but since then it's been quite easy to say "no". Including on a trip to fashion-conscious Sydney. I took the opportunity of the big shops and a free evening to go looking at new clothing. I tried on a several items and left it all behind. Not even close enough to put money in the savings jar.

Not that it has been a smooth progression. There was a point mid-month when I really couldn’t be bothered what I wore or how I presented because it’s not like I could buy anything to perk the wardrobe up.  Fortunately Nettie’s experience of a similar challenge last year helped me recognise the symptoms early. After a day or two, I gave myself a good hard shake and recalled that the challenge was about valuing what I have.  Then I went and polished a couple of pairs of shoes and groomed my eyebrows.  Much better.

There are other weapons in my arsenal to meet this challenge. I have sewing skills and equipment. It's not so hard leaving something behind in the shop when there is a pattern and fabric at home to make something close to or better than what's available in the shops.

So I have re-assessed the sewing patterns; removing the ones that no longer fit, or are essentially duplicates of each other or where I said “what was I thinking?”. They have been culled by about a quarter and fit into a drawer of the chest of drawers allocated to the sewing stash. A few goes at the 7 things challenge means the sewing fabric stash is pretty streamlined, but there is enough there to keep me in basics for this year.

That being said, I bought a vintage cotton sheet to make a summer skirt and/or blouses for $2 because I loved the colours and pattern and because the quality of the fabric is great. I am trying not to transfer acquistion of clothing to acquistion of potential clothing in the form of fabric. Sewing will be from stash before buying more fabric.

Enough navel gazing, though - let's see this month's numbers....

None this month.  Current tally 2/12.


  • 1 pair of black shorts from Mum who finally (we're talking months) got around to trying them on and found them too large
  • 1 nightie  GIFT
  • 1 rain jacket GIFT
  • Nothing at all, I'm afraid.  Don't know where the time goes.
  • 2 pairs of handknitted sports socks
  • $7  Black voile shirt.  Tempting, I carried it around the shop for a while.  I don't need shirts to iron, I need cotton knit tops for work.
  • $4  Black swimsuit - nicer than the cossie I bought in January. Very nearly caved.
Running total - $40


2paw said...

Well done. Don't they say it takes 21 days to make a habit?? I think it might take 21 tryings on and saying no to develop this clothes one!!

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

I've found Feb more difficult than January too - not in quite the same way as you but just getting a bit bored of my winter woolies now... I'm going to start more actively looking for stuff in March I think - which means I'll probably end up with a stuffed savings jar within a few weeks -- thanks so much for the idea!