Thursday, May 05, 2011

12 in 11 April Update

This month I appreciate, very clearly, the value of thrift.

With one of the dogs requiring several surgeries and associated costs, having savings to fall back on was immensely comforting.  Doesn't make parting with more money than I've ever spent on anything apart from real estate any easier, but it is comforting.

I'm also glad of the extra discipline the 12 in 11 challenge has given me.  In order to replenish the savings, I'll need to be more careful than ever, and as op-shopped clothing is a particular indulgence of mine, this challenge is now an economic necessity.


1 fine wool black jumper (Maggie T brand for the Aussies).  I know I'm a knitter, and that's what makes it possible for me to know that this fine knit in a quality brand was an absolute bargain at $4.  Mixes and matches with my work wardrobe for winter layers and cared for properly will see many more seasons.

Quota used 6/12.  Half my quota used in 4 months.  Sounds a lot but is less than I'd buy on a good op-shopping day normally.  I'm happy with my progress.


Last year I bought a man's wool and silk blazer at Salvos.  It fit well around the hips and was a good length in the body, but the shoulders were too wide and the sleeves too long.  I'm a good home dressmaker, but I'm know my limitations and resetting the sleeves in a lined jacket of this quality is beyond them.  I had a local tailor recut and reset the sleeves. The jacket cost me $25 plus  $85 for the tailoring.  $110 for a tailored to fit wool and silk jacket that looks great with jeans and boots to dress up a casual outfit.  Love it. Worth it.

Creating has been for other people this month and will continue for a while yet.


Jejune said...

Great idea to have the tailor fix up the blazer for you, you'll get heaps of wear from it!

Hope that Rosie and your bank account are well and truly on the mend.

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

I think your "less than I'd normally buy" point is key - the 12 items is quite arbitrary, it was based on what I thought would be a pinch for me (because I bought about 20/25 items of clothing the previous year) and it was to encourage consciousness through having to count. I'm glad it's a useful guide for you.

Hope May is easier than April has been for you and like Jejune said, I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Taphophile said...

@Jejune - Just got the quotation for TOF's root canal - Rosie healing faster than the bank account :/ However, she's doing pretty well and demanded a walk yesterday, so it's money well spent.

@Louisa - thanks. I figured your 12 was a bit like my 7 things - it's the attitude to acquisition rather than the number. That being said, I'm hoping not to bust the goal by too much.:)