Saturday, May 21, 2011

Green Tomato Sauce

We were the grateful recipients of several loads of green tomatoes this year.  Just as well, our entire tomato yield was 3 ripe tomatoes and a balancing amount of green ones.

I keep forgetting where we get our recipes from so this will be the first in a series of posts recording what we made, where it came from and any deviations from the original recipe.  I probably should have recorded yield etc, but I didn't.

RECIPE:  Green Tomato Sauce

SOURCE:  The Australian Women's Weekly Home Library. The Book of Preserves. Australian Consolidate Press, 1990.  p. 106.

DEVIATION 1:  used our own red wine vinegar instead of brown vinegar - softer, sweeter, more complex flavour as result.

DEVIATION 2:  in second batch added a couple of sliced green chillis. 

NEXT TIME:  Add more chilli.


2paw said...

My friends had slightly better tomato crops, but by March the plants were heavy with large green tomatoes. My mum made green tomato chutney. Sauce is a good idea!!!

Taphophile said...

We prefer sauce to chutney. We made both last year and we're nearly through the 2010 vintage. I like the chutney, but the sauce seems more practical. The family prefers a red tomato relish, which we use a lot in casseroles and pasta sauces in place of some of the tinned tomatoes as well as a general condiment - not that we had any tomatoes this year, but there are previous vintages still in storage - we're stuffed if we don't get a decent 2012 ripe tomato crop.