Monday, December 05, 2011

Looking Forward

Just because it's Summer now, doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Apart from stone fruit and skinny dipping, I don't like much about Summer.

While we were at Manuka Oval yesterday we checked out our latest investment.  Seats in the members' stand for the three Greater Western Sydney Giants Australian Rules Football matches next year.  It's as close as we will get ot a Canberra team in the AFL and we aren't going to miss out.

The Manuka Oval website doesn't have a detailed seating plan, so we had to book our tickets without knowing exactly where they were.

I'm sitting in one of our seats.  The bag and hat are on the other.

Am I pleased?  See for yourself.

Four rows from the highest point in the stand; on the aisle; only two people to bother us getting up and down; right on the left edge of the centre square; under the roofline.  Fabulous!

Bring on Winter.

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