Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 in 11 December Update

It's so unlikely that I'll buy anything today I thought I would get in early.

This month I finally found the dress I needed for the ball back in October.  An actual proper formal frock in a daring bright red that fitted very nicely.  So I bought it.  The next ball is not until April 2013, but for $7 I'm prepared and who knows what fashion emergencies 2012 will bring.

I overspent my clothing allowance by 7 items (more than 50%) 19/12.

Not a brilliant result, but my goodness it was a fascinating experience.  While still buying most items second hand (one retail purchase only and that an emergency funeral buy), I learned to focus on quality, cut and colour to make the most out of what was already in the wardrobe.

I really do have a capsule of basics now, at least for the cool weather.

I took the lessons I learned about cut in particular and have culled my sewing pattern library (Ravellers, look for a destash soon) to leave me with a handful of patterns that suit in styles I prefer to wear.

Despite failing at 12 in 11 I'm up for it again. Not because I like to fail, but because I like to try. These challenges teach me things about myself and assist in least making me better aware of my shortcomings even when they are not completely overcome. It helps keep me focussed and this year focus is particularly necessary.

There are 3 known items on the 2012 "to buy" list

  • a pair of replacement Mary Janes. Even by the redoubtable Jhay the Cobbler is unable to repair the last pair.
  • an outfit for Junior's wedding in December. I may make the frock, but I'm going to keep a couple of items in reserve just in case I need to buy a dress and shoes for the wedding.
The usual rules will apply. A flurry of yarn purchases in December (birthday and Christmas gifts to myself) ensured that I have some truly lovely garment quantities of yarn to use. I also came across a couple of caches of gorgeous fabrics in an op-shops in December and bought several. It is a sign of maturity that most of that cache was left for others to enjoy.   I look forward to creating with some of the lovelies that came home.

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Michelle said...

Gosh you've done well - you're an inspiration! I have been channelling you the last few days in my my massive declutter, so thank you!

And happy new year. Hope 2012 is magnificent.