Wednesday, February 01, 2012

12 in 12 January Update

No clothes purchased.  None, nil, nada...  Doing the happy dance of thrift!

I've been looking as usual, but nothing has presented itself as worthy.

I have made myself a shawl as a layering piece for at home in winter, so while it is new it is exempt as it's handmade and totally from stash.

There has also been more disposal of clothing.  I cannot believe there is still stuff I don't wear or don't like in the wardrobe, but it there is.

I'd been holding on to a couple of pairs of three-quarter length jeans for a while but wasn't wearing them because I didn't really like them on.  I have one pair that just keeps being worn and washed and worn again and really need two pairs for summer.  Problem is, I've not found another pair I like as much  so had a bit of a rethink about why I like to wear denim cut offs - they are cooler than jeans but just as durable and work with my tee shirts and tops. So now my long eschewed knee-length denim skirt is back in rotation and the unloved trews have gone back to the op shop.

And while I was at it, some unflattering tops and a couple of sentimentally kept kilts left the house as well.

The black tee-shirts are starting to show definite signs of wear, though.  They will last this warm season, but not another.  Some have already migrated from the suitable for work pile, to the at home only pile.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I've never been a clothes horse but as I am now forced to venture out into the world, jeans and t shirts just wont cut it anymore. You have been my inspiration and I've been shopping in our version of op shops (but being very picky) for suitable work type clothes. My purchase for Jan...a blouse that looks fab on me :)