Tuesday, March 06, 2012

12 in 12 February Update

I bought a dress.  Op shopped, of course, and quite expensive for that.  $15 for a TS 14+ (pricey label for larger sizes).

It's a gorgeous black and grey, quite fashionable, dress for winter.  It is sleeveless with a button through the front - rather like a long men's vest.  It will be great with a long sleeved t-shirt over tights.

Quota use 1/12 in the first two months.


2paw said...

It sounds a very versatile dress and being fashionable is a bonus!!!

LynS said...

Well done with only one purchase. I bought a sleeveless overdress last winter and found it an extremely useful garment. I'm not publicly counting this year, but so far I've bought three items - two in a flush of celebration after I finished last year's challenge!

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