Sunday, January 01, 2012

Focus 2012

The theme for this year is FOCUS.

2011 was difficult and focus was split, changed and generally did some weird folk dance I wasn't in control of.

2012 and the focus is back.

I will be focussing on getting back on track financially. 2011 saw budgets get very loose as the time to manage them was sucked up by caring emergencies and savings went to pay Rosies' vet bills etc. I've done the sums for this year. It's scary but we can do it.

I'll be focussing on some health issues.  I started hydrotherapy late 2011 to assist with arthritis related pain.  It's going well, and I will be spending more time in the pool and later the gym, to help with taking the strain off my joints.

Focus on enjoying what I have more: my miraculous relationship, my challenging family, my fortunate education; my possessions.  I don't need more things, I need more focus.

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