Friday, May 18, 2012

Ear Warms

Podcasts are one of my very favourite forms of distraction.

Mostly I listen on my 'phone, often to drown out conversations or other unedifying noises, so earbuds are essential  kit.  Being able to lay hands on the earbuds in a hurry is often the best form of protection the public has.

For a wee while I was using a lipstick case to carry the earbuds around in.  I already owned it and the hard sides were protective, but it also took up a lot of hand bag real estate and was always right down the very bottom, causing dangerous seconds of delay in plugging in.

I toyed with the idea of sewing a little case but it all seemed fiddly and there are no small remants in the fabric stash anymore.  I could have bought a small soft bag at an op shop for a couple of dollars, but it seemed unnecessary even at that price when I have skillz and yarn.

So I knitted one.

This first one was a bit drapey and a smidge too wide and not being quite long enough.  It's great for  memory sticks, though.

I've been using version 1.1 for my earbuds for a week and am loving it.

It is 6 cm high and 7.5cm wide.  Design features include an i-cord loop to fasten it to a tab in my bag for easy access, and moss stitch for cushiness.  I opted for a stocking stitch envelope style flap for contrast and because the decreases in moss stitch were a bit messy.

This is pouch two of version 1.1 (very minor tweaking) .

Version 1.2 is currently in the testing phase. This sample was knitted recently, and the test knit is on the needles right now.

Each pouch gobbles up about 7g of 4ply/sock weight/fingering weight yarn and the buttons are all from stash.

The blue buttons were rescued from a pair of TOF's discarded underpants and the maroon were decorative features on a pair of knickers I bought last year.  I snipped the buttons off before they were worn.  

Excuse me while I go shine my halo of frugalness.


2paw said...

How cute. I love all your versions and you are Very Frugal!!

Petunia said...

This is a great idea - I have so many little bits left over from previous projects, that I can't part with, will save forever. Or maybe we should think of felted ones to give more protection??