Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Be alert, not alarmed and the bliss of emergency knitting

We were evacuated from work today for just on two hours. It was a bomb hoax.

While all around me were losing theirs, I knitted. I stood in a walkway near the library stopping idiots from trying to cross the "do not cross" tape at the library door, took stuff for returns from people, had a quick cup of coffee and helped with a cryptic crossword, and I knitted.

My colleagues were looking at the knitting with some longing and more than one suggested I pass it around for everyone to have a go. My response was that it was knitting, not a joint. Smug is so becoming!

Nearly done with a red matinee jacket. Would finish it tonight but I have to clean and tidy this tip of a house before I am smothered in clutter or contract a really bad disease associated with dust accumulation.


happyspider said...

not a joint but far more addictive :p

larissa said...

Unfortunately my 'emergency knitting' tends to be more of the disastrous kind, involving the knitting itself!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Glad someone else has a house like mine at the moment. Shall we just say it's a "Canberra mid-winter too busy doing more important things" situation and leave it at that?