Monday, July 24, 2006

Here and There Cabled Scarf

The "Here and There Cables" pattern is from Scarf Style by Interweave Press.

It's very simple but looks quite complicated. The trick with it is to trust the pattern. It's a seven row pattern, six rows of which are 3x3 rib. the cable row is weird and I did it several times before I learned to trust the designer. It just didn't do to over think it. Because the pattern is over an odd number of rows, it's completely reversible. I'm loving it. I can't really post the pattern - that would infringe the intellectual property rights of the designer, Norah Gaughan.

It's not just the pattern I'm enjoying, though. The wool is wonderful. As a knitter raised on Totem and Bluebell, a smooth crepe yarn feels "proper".

The pattern calls for a bog standard 8ply and 4.5mm needles. You need the slightly larger than normal needle to keep the fabric from stiffening up under the cables.

I was going to post pics of my weekend's bargains, but the camera has dead batteries. Let's just say that I committed knitterly sacrilege by buying two products made by this company. Look, they were $8 each and the FIT ME!


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

LOL,I would love to hear some of the pronouciations of the company name! I grew up on the other famous station,Dunlop, Tooralie was up the road and has its own local way of saying it "properly",nice garments though!

Bells said...

Oh yes, a reversible cable pattern! Genius!

And yeah, I feel best with a crepe yarn too. It always feels like what I'm supposed to be doing, having been raised on the stuff myself.

Margie said...

REVERSIBLE CABLE SCARF?? Wow. Maybe I will have to get me a copy of that book after all...

larissa said...

I'm so excited you started that scarf...I'll definitely be starting on it as soon as I pick some yarn. You know, just because three scarves OTN just isn't enough!