Sunday, July 23, 2006

The viking slayed St George

Dad and I spent the afternoon at the footy. This week it was Rugby League. The Raiders beat St George 31-12. It was a well played match and we had good seats. They were pretty much on the half way line and close enough to be able to actually see the players.

I knitted Mum's plush scarf.

It would have been finished by now but last night she decided it was too wide. It was pretty wide, but it was also nearly 5 feet long. *sigh* So I unravelled few rows, then started knitting a new scarf straight from the old one. Still, she likes the colour and the texture, so at least it will be worn and appreciated.

I couldn't resist casting on the "Here and There Cables" scarf for her though. All that novelty yarn had my fingers yearning for wool. I picked up 9 balls of this Sirdar DK crepe for $7 in an op-shop a while ago and mum loved the colour. It's a great yarn to knit with - smooth and springy. The pattern is interesting enough at the moment and grows reasonably quickly. It actually looks much better in 3 dimensions than in a photograph.

Nothing finished, this week, darn it and lots of things started. Oh dear startitis has struck. :)


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh well at least the photos are funky...

Martina said...

I like the Here and There cables. Is there a pattern or are you winging it?

Bells said...

LOVE the cable scarf. Where's the pattern from Taph?

Jejune said...

Gorgeous scarf - look forward to seeing it for real. Mind you, I'm a cable junkie from way back ;)

*Sigh* about restarting your mum's scarf... what can I say? You're a good egg.

ferg said...

It's a clever pattern isn't it? It looks lovely in the pink. I think my problem with it was that it wasn't symmetrical. But you are right. It is really easy if you just follow the pattern.
Good luck and if you put it down, don't forget what row you're up to.
Lots of cheers Gillian