Tuesday, July 11, 2006


See this beautiful colourway? It's "Kelp Forest" by the happiest spider of them all, Happy Spider.

It's handpainted 4ply and I thought it would make a lovely baby jacket. It does, it looks great, I just underestimated the amount I would need by about 30 rows. Drat. It's soooo lovely.

Here it is just before I unravelled it this morning. I think it might end up as hats and socks for little people, rather than a jacket.

Spidey and I spun on Sunday. I suck at spinning, but I enjoyed it none the less. If you've read her post you will know we went to the fibre fest at the Old Bus Depot Markets before repairing to Othlon's birthday tea where we enjoyed the company of fibre friends, took much refreshment and knitted.

I was reasonably restrained as far as fibre, and my constitution, allowed but I did buy a few tools to add to the kit.

I got a couple of merino and silk blended tops for spinning,

two sizes of niddy noddy and a nostepinne for myself and some lace bobbins for Carl. I'm going to attempt to replicate the niddy noddies and the nostepinne in woodworking class, and my fellow woodworker, Carl, wanted to play with making lace bobbins.

Tuesday SnB tonight - yay. :)


Jejune said...

Bugger - what a pain to have to unravel all of that work! Certainly is gorgeous yarn... I'm sure it will be reborn into something beautiful.

The merino and silk looks delicious!

kylie said...

have just started my spider project, all good so far but i think one can never have enough of it. spidey needs to get a longer hallway so she can make us more more more. i totally fell in love with that silky merino and you are an evil temptress with the offer of travelling spinning wheels, my other half will have your head :) i will take you up on it one day tho.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I thought of you as I wandered past Starbuck this evening arounbd 5pm wearing the new Kittyville hat. A little early to pop in, alas...