Thursday, September 14, 2006

Curly Whirly Scarf Recipe

Hi, if you've come looking for the curly whirly scarf pattern, please click here.

It was lovely to meet you at the exhibition and thanks for looking.

The rest of you - get to the TASDA exhibition this weekend at the CSIRO Discovery Centre - it's an inspiring feast for the senses of sight and touch. If I haven't hit you up already - buy a raffle ticket and support Stasia Dobrowski's soup kitchen and have the chance to win one of nearly 100 wraps and scarves.

And the girls are feeling very pretty since their wash and cut on Thursday. That's Rosie without the bow and Peggy with. Peggy removed Rosie's bow almost immediately but resisted all efforts to take hers away. They are different, it just doesn't look like it at the moment. Their happy smiles are identical, though. They love being groomed.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi, Your little pals are looking very swish!
Thanks for comment on my Dye job,cant wait for the rest of the colours to arrive to experiment a bit more!

kylie said...

oh very cute :)

Jejune said...

How can you tell them apart?! I think you're just tricking, and there's only one dog ;)

We enjoyed the TASDA exhibition - sorry we missed seeing you there - but it was a great collection of amazing and creative work.