Saturday, September 02, 2006

Get Real

You are all aware, I'm sure, that Operation Wipeout is
a wish list rather than something achievable.

Yes, Gillian, I do love my lists and like you do the
little easy jobs first. I have been known to add
things to my lists in order to have the pleasure of
crossing them off.

Just the making the list gives me a bit of control

As for soy products. I resent having to eat soy. I
love love love dairy products. My father's family
were dairy farmers for goodness' sake.

Larissa asked for soy recipes. I don't really have
any as such. The soy dip is one carton of Tofutti soy
cream cheese mixed with a handful of chopped gherkins.
With everything else I just substitute soy for dairy
if it's possible. Desserts are a problem. In summer
I make fruit sorbets. The icecream maker is in
constant use in the warmer months. So much so that
I've invested in a second one for this summer.

It could be worse, I have a niece and nephew who can't
have dairy or soy. That rice milk stuff is really
rank. It makes OK pikelets but cakes with it are
lumps of yuk.


happyspider said...

i was wondering about the soy thing, must be a pain. i went without dairy for a few years as a child (i was constantly sick and my mother took me to some hippy-healer) and it was horrible. My worst memory is cornflakes with fruit juice... ech

ferg said...

I did try some soy ice-cream once and it was great but I had it with lots of strawberries, chocolate topping and squirty cream!
I would love to have a go at home-made stuff. Please can you continue your product endorsement phase with a word or two on what sort of machine you have and why you need another etc?
Cheers and thanks Gillian