Friday, September 08, 2006

not completely idle

Sunday before last for Bek's baby shower/Tupperware party - we have mini cupcakes iced in lurid pink for girls and striking blue for boys. The ones in the middle are iced with the fruit of the passion. I thought it was funny at the time but I was a little punchy.

I really did finally put handles on Mum's loofah. I believe this was meant for her in April but that cr****t nylon is such awful stuff I managed to forget all about it. The handles ended up being cannibalised from a Bay Swiss bag. By all accounts it's fantastic and does the job. It's rough and Mum reckons it will never wear out. Just as well because I ain't touching that stuff again - not even for her.

Now to yarn reclamation.

Here is a lovely cabled jumper with bobbles (ugh) on the bottom picked up at Vinnies for $1.

Washed skeins weighted by water filled chip packets (new Smiths chips, a lot like Pringles but with reusable packaging on sale at Woollies for 99c each a couple of weeks back) dripping into the shower stall. There's a really good photo of the skeins but Blogger is being unco-operative.

Here it is wound into beautiful centre pull balls and weighing in at 683g. That's a lotta hats for the homeless for next winter for $1.


Bells said...

Brilliant! Fantastic. What a great reuse of a hideous creation. Well done!!!

happyspider said...

a big pat on the back for rescueing abused yarn! and the passion fruit thing made me cackle and i'm not in the least punchy.

ferg said...

That's amazing. I can't wait till Monday to check out our two op shops for similar potential.
Cheers Gillian

Margie said...

Heh. I didn't get the joke at the time but I just giggled then.

Yarn looking much happier now it's been rescued from bobble-dom.