Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thanks to a double feature at the ANU Film Group on Friday night, TSS and I finished 4 beanies. (TTWC 2008.045-048). Not quite as beautiful as the costumes in Atonement or Elizabeth the Golden Age, but a good deal warmer.

Thanks to you all for your supportive comments on yesterday's post. I know the weekly 7 things updates have been a little dull, but they've been essential for me.

There was an intervention last night which included vodka and girlie mixers, a Thai takeaway, Red Dwarf series IV and casting on 9 TTWCs. It was good to have a break. Back to it tomorrow.

Also, the castanets were as real as they were lovely. I had a Spanish neighbour who chucked a lot of things out when she unpacked her sea container of belongings. Among the items she jettisoned were some old wooden toys, including the castanets and a small piano (also disposed of this week) and some gorgeous heavy cotton and lace bed linen. I still have the linen and a one-legged wooden marionette which hangs off a door handle.

I'm taking 4 weeks leave from next Friday, so consolidation of current progress will occur then, as will some major sewing projects. I bought a reasonable quantity of some gorgeous stretch satin this afternoon for some slinky nighties. Am feeling the need for something a bit more feminine than over-sized t-shirts.


2paw said...

Dandy!!! Red Dwarf is always a great way to spend an evening.
Happy slinky nightwear making!!
Have a great 'time off'.

TinkingBell said...

Wow - so de-clutterish - and productive - a legend!!
I have been a bad blogger, but lots of stuff leaving and lots less coming in - thanks to you!
Have fun with Rimmer and LIstie, and enjoy girlie stuff!

Kate said...

Oh I'm *so* envious of your girls' night. Just goes to show that I need to do something similar and SOON! I hope the intervention was successful.

What did you think of Atonement? I'm reading On Chesil Beach for bookclub at the moment and keep thinking that this is time that I will never get back. Hmmm.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Every woman needs a bit of slink in her nightwear. Have a wonderful, creative and above all, productive 4 weeks off.

Donna Lee said...

I agree. Sometimes we all need a little feminine in our lives. I bought myself lace underwear and some silk pajamas. I love how I feel wearing them. It balances out the jeans and sneakers I choose most days!

Jejune said...

Oooh silky nighties - lovely!

I agree - Red Dwarf can make most things better (not to mention the grog ;) AND Thai takeaway, YUM.

You're doing such a sterling job on decluttering, it's such an overwhelming job...