Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seven Things Week 47

Never, ever have I claimed to be good at maths. Calculators were invented for people like me. I can do minor mental arithmetic, but give me a long list of numbers and my brain melts.

As a whole year of doing the seven things challenge is in sight I thought I might check my numbers. Someone pointed out once that I'd made an error in the "ins", so I knew there would be some readjustment, possibly meaning I had a lot more ins than I thought.

Um, well, yeah, there were a few more ins but there were a LOT more outs - more than 250 nett. Not that this has really been about numbers. It's no better to get rid of 700 than 7 if one's attitude to acquisition hasn't actually changed. I'd just be swapping old stuff for new if my mindset hadn't changed - and it took a BLOODY long time to change.

Anyway, the sidebar has been changed, and individual posts will be progressively changed as I get the time. It'll take me a week or so.

IN (5)
3 prs stockings VINNIES
1 diary cover GIFT. Tired of me moaning about how I miss my Filofax but my little one is too small now my life is complicated by having to keep track of more people than me, TSS donated a Filofaxesque cover. I'm so happy I could squeal. Just have to get the diary part - unless someone has the Filofax holepunch I could borrow and then I could disbind my current horrible diary and transform the pages. I REALLY wanted to get a PocoProfile "Canberra" in purple kangaroo leather but baulked at the $165 price tag.

OUT (42)
36 balls yarn (that bloody awful white fluffy stuff). This is a bit of a cheat. Happy Spider and I did a swap for this yarn. She got some stuff to overdye and I got this to make trim. It wasn't ball for ball but smeh - she got 36 balls back and that's what's important to me! GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 hair towels. When my hair was long, I cut up a couple of worn out bath towels to make long, narrow towels to wrap around my head after washing it. My hair is now short and I have enough facewashers, tea-towels etc. BIN

SIAA (1)
Miserable amount, but with three days of training this week, there's been no bus knitting and no tea and lunch break knitting. Apparently I get a lot done in the 15 minute each way commute and during breaks.

IN 5
OUT 42


amanda j said...

However you look at it, you are way out in front with the outs. And you are right about the mindset - it is difficult to change the habit of acquiring stuff!

Michelle said...

Those binders are beautiful. Not too sure I could have stopped myself, actually!

You have done so well with your outs and ins. Almost a year? Wow!

Jejune said...

Great job on the mindset thing .. that's the hardest thing to change, isn't it!

I *used* to have a Filofax hole punch, not sure if I still do. Will rummage around in my 'office stuff' box in the garage and look for you.