Friday, July 18, 2008


Finally something off the needles - even if it's only some beanies for the soup kitchen.

TTWC 2008.054 vintage Jet

This is vintage Patons Jet - the old crepe kind. Despite the murky early 70s colours (it's dun-brown with dull green bits of ... what? not contrast and I hesitate to say highlights - dunno, bits will have to do). The yarn is a delight to knit with. Divine crepe producing the smoothest, evenest fabric. So love it.

TTWC 2008.055-56 hanspun wool

There were two of these TTWCs knitted in the car to Perisher and back on Sunday. The first was borrowed in the car park at Smiggins Holes by one of our party and retained. It's such a joy when someone likes an item enough to keep it - made my day. This is handspun wool in its natural colour. Mostly creamy white with some darker bits. So beautiful to knit with and very warm. Must make a drop off run to Stasia's soon.

There was another TTWC in the handspun but no photo. It looks just like these if you really need to see it.

And speaking of snow, the other item off the needles this week and finished is the 164 inches of ostrich yarn trim for my Mrs Claus outfit. I have to say it turned out quite well and is probably the only legitimate use for this hideous yarn. I used a little under 14 balls of Moda Vera Jazz held double throughout to make 5 pieces of trim. It's all sewn on the dress and the hat has a tassel. There was a pom pom but it collapsed and shed all over my dining table. NOT a pretty sight.


TinkingBell said...

Damn those dead muppets - they shed like no-one's business!!
My hubby after refusing all knitting offers for years has suddenly demanded a apir of slippers - right when I;ve just cast on Malabrigo for Wicked and am feeling the lurve!!
But it is really nice when people want stuffyou can make - or love it too much to give back!

Need some more Blue jet - but he can pay!

2paw said...

Every time I hear Smiggins, I think of Roy and HG!!! A Mrs Santa outfit because???

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Exploding pom poms??? yup they tend to do that just when you least expect it and at the worst possible time.

I've experienced Christmas in July, in 30 degree weather, but in Aus, the whole idea of it makes sense.